New Video: My Interview with Kate Singleton of Art Hound

By Brittni • Updated on 07/07/2021

A couple of weeks ago, I talked with digital curator and art consultant, Kate Singleton of Art Hound, on the phone for almost two hours. It was a great convo for many reasons, the most relevant one being that it eventually lead to this video. We chatted about tons of stuff – business, blogging, and almost everything in between. And at the end of our conversation, I mentioned that we should do a condensed video interview for the blog. Kate was game, so we now have a 15 minute video to share with all of you. In this video, we talked about…

–> What it means to be a digital curator

–> The research and behind the scenes of blogging

–> The challenges of working for yourself

–> And more

If you don’t know Kate already, she is the founder of the blog, and also works with people near and far to help them find cool art for their homes. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two Maine Coon cats. And she is one damn cool lady. Enjoy the video. And when you’re done, you can read more about Art Hound and Kate.

*note: There was a technical difficulty with my side of the video (that shot me), so you’ll just hear my voice and see Kate talking throughout.

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thanks laura! so sweet! yes, i was at my desk where i work every day. : )


What a fantastic interview Kate!! That was really fun to hear both of you interacting in a casual setting!!


laura trevey

esti, thanks for your comment. it’s wonderful to get that kind of feedback. XOXO

iHanna, thanks for the complement! i am in good company! : )


Oh, well thanks iHanna.


Great and inspiring interview, I enjoy both of your blogs!


She does make wonderful choices with the art that features, doesn’t she Esti? Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.


Great interview. It’s been good to hear Kate, whom I follow, because she always seems to make good choices. Another thing I like about her blog is that discreet feeling you get. It’s really like entering a very personal recollection of favourites.

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