Podcast: How to get your Products into the Hands of Retail Buyers

By Brittni • Updated on 02/12/2024

Today, Grace Kang and I are unlocking the mysteries that surround getting your products into retail store and boutique shops. So, if you want to break in to the world of landing wholesale orders, you’ll want to listen in on my 40 minute podcast with Grace.

For those that don’t already know Grace’s story, she is the owner of Pink Olive (a specialty boutique in New York City), the brain behind Retail Recipes, and she was previously a buyer for stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdales.

I asked Grace the questions that you want answered most, and together, well de-mystify the crazy world of retail and getting buyers to notice you…

Heres what we discussed in the 40 minute podcast:

-Common mistakes that designers make when approaching retail buyers and how they can be avoided.

-What you can do right now to grab the attention of buyers.

-The top ten things you must do before you approach a retail store.

-And more.

Get the free download we discussed at the beginning of the podcast, by opting-in at retailrecipes.com (you’ll see the box on the right hand side of the home page).

Visit Grace Kang on Retail Recipes (Grace’s consulting info here) and Pink Olive for more. And get updates from Grace on twitter @retailrecipes and facebook.

Listen to the podcast now…

 Listen to podcast

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Thank you Brittni and Grace for such a great podcast! You guys gave out tons of awesome information for designers who are just starting out with their business.


I am planning to start gettting a few products into the retails stores. Your podcast will be h=lpful

Chetal Patel

Hi Tali. The podcast is currently only available here on the blog. Sorry, you’ll have to visit this page for now if you’d like to listen to it.


Podcast: How to get your Products into the Hands of Retail Buyers http://t.co/JX0JgeIg

muranoandtagua (@muranoandtagua)

sounds like a great podcast. Do you offer it for download as well?
I’d love to be able to download it and listen to it later, rather than have to remember to come back to this page when i have a spare 40 minutes 🙂


Podcast: How to get your Products into the Hands of Retail Buyers http://t.co/LbytMhhH @papernstitch Learning lots of good stuff!

(@ParagraphCove) (@ParagraphCove)

[…] a site dedicated to making your products retail-ready. You may remember Grace from my interview and podcast with her in August, where we chatted about the ins and outs of getting your products in retail shops. […]

The Gift Guide for the Girl with Everything from Pink Olive | papernstitch

a big big thanks to both of you!! i really enjoyed listening to this podcast. a lot of good food for thought here for me. i know i’m not ready (at all) for wholesale yet, but i like thinking (and daydreaming) about the future 🙂

amy - thank you cards shop

thank you, thank you, thank you!! this was such an informative podcast! i am actually finalizing my website today with my webdesigner, and now he is going to hate me for adding more info! 😉
i am exploring the idea if retail and this gave me the motivation and confidence to go out there and try!
you two should do more podcasts together! loved listening.

Hannah from FlyChicks

Wow thank you for sharing this post! This would really be a big help to us.


My pleasure Grace. 🙂 And thanks Candice. So glad you enjoyed it.


love this interview with grace. thanks brittni, i was feeling so stuck with where to go with my jewelry line and this really helped.


brittni, thank you so much for having me here! i had so much fun doing the interview with you xo


Thanks for the feedback Megan and April. Great to hear that you both found the info helpful.


Wow! Thanks ladies. This is by far the most informative podcast I have heard about approaching retailers! It alerted me to some the mistakes I have made in the past and gave me some great tips for my future encounters with stores that I approach. Thanks for sharing! –Megan Winn The Binding Bee

Megan Winn

Wow, thank you for sharing this… I’ve been meaning to know how they do it… This is really a big help

April San Pedro
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