Podcast: The Step by Step Guide for Getting Your Book Published

By Brittni • Updated on 02/12/2024

Today, I have the pleasure of being a part of Ellen Luckett Baker’s book blog tour for her book 1, 2, 3 Sew. I have known Ellen for only a couple of months now, but what I know about her already is that she is an incredibly sweet woman and an even more amazing craftswoman. I decided to interview Ellen for a fun little podcast (you know how I love podcasts these days) about something that I thought you would be dying to know about…

And that is: the how-tos for getting a book published! If you are in the craft world and have been dying to get you work published, Ellen’s going to tell you exactly how she did it (and of course, how you can do it too).

This is a must listen to podcast for anyone thinking about trying to get a (craft related) book published in the future.

Here’s more about Ellen’s new book 1, 2, 3 Sew before we jump into the interview: The book was recently released through Chronicle Books and features 33 delightful projects ranging from clothing to décor and accessories. 1, 2, 3 Sew is not only filled with beautiful photographs of each project and simple step-by-step instructions, it also comes complete with 12 patterns (tucked neatly into an enclosed envelope inside- like an added treasure). This book is a fantastic resource for sewers at any stage.

And for your reference, before I get into the podcast details, here are the last four stops on the 1, 2, 3 Sew blog tour (so you can keep following the book after today’s stop): July 21″“ House on Hill Road & Coquette and July 22″“ Bolt NeighborhoodTrue Up

Heres what we discussed in the 30 minute podcast:

-The initial steps of going through a book proposal, finding a literary agent, and the how-tos of getting a book published.

-The financial side of being a published author: the shake down of a typical advance (upfront money while putting the book together), etc.

-Ellen shares a few behind the scenes stories of styling the projects for her book.

-And more.


Reference links mentioned in the podcast: Craftypod Podcast #77: Publishing a Craft Book, with Christina Loff and Kate McKean (this was the podcast that Ellen mentions in my interview with her that got the ball rolling for her)


You can visit Ellen at thelongthread.com, on twitter @thelongthread, on facebook at The Long Thread page, and on Flickr via the 1, 2, 3 Sew group.

And to pick up a copy of Ellen’s book 1, 2, 3 Sew…visit Chronicle Books, Amazon, or your local book store.

If you like this interview, please help Ellen and I spread the word by using the buttons below (twitter, facebook, stumbleupon).

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@KitschyDigitals Well, at least how I got my book published. Sorry for the static and feedback in the podcast: http://t.co/k1OQX4yR

Ellen Luckett Baker (@thelongthread)

Thanks to Brittni + Ellen for sharing this insight. It’s very valuable. I listened to this podcast 3 times 🙂 and thank you for the tips from Holly, Decor 8 as well. She is one of my inspirational woman.
Brittni, you’re right, most people (including me) don’t know what’s behind the scenes. So thanks again for the great interview.


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great podcast! i’m not a sewer yet, but the approach of your book is making me think it’s something i should take up. have added your book to my amazon wishlist 🙂

amy - thank you cards shop

I JUST bought this book and I am in love. : ) Craft books are one of my many addictions but this one is definitely found a place at the top of my list. Excited to listen to this podcast!

Amanda of Apple Blue

great interview


Wow. I am so impressed with this podcast. Brittni and Ellen thank you for this. I am hoping to get my book published in the next two years, but I really didn’t know where to start. This helped so much.


“Life is messy” ohhhhh YES YES YES. Brittni + Ellen this podcast was soooooooo heart provoking + refreshingly honest. It made me smile from start to finish.

I’m getting myself a copy of the book right now. It’s about time that I learned how to use my sewing machine. This book is the perfect incentive.


Mayi Carles

Hi – is your podcast available on iTunes? Can’t wait to listen!


Thanks so much for stopping by Holly. I am really glad to hear that you enjoyed the interview. Ellen was so honest and upfront with all the details of book publishing in the interview, like you said, and I am so appreciative of that. And I really appreciate you seconding what Ellen said about agents- that is something that (I imagine) most people don’t know anything about when they start this process. So, its great to hear! You too are both amazing.


Ellen and Brittni – This podcast is fabulous and so honest – Ellen, thanks for that because the reality of writing a book is much different than the dream and so many need to understand that. I’m so happy to hear you shed some light on it and also I wish you all the best with your book and hopefully, many more to come. From a fellow Chronicle author to another…

And you are right – Good agents will never up-front expenses, charge a reading fee, or a fee to take on someone. If an agent requests that, don’t work with them.

xo, Holly

decor8 Holly
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