How to Create a Modern + Feminine Mirror

Frosted glass doily mirror DIY idea

I don’t know about you, but doilies are one of my craft staples. I swear I can weasel them in to almost any project.

Case in point: today’s tutorial for how to make a modern (but feminine) frosted glass doily mirror. It’s pretty easy and makes for a great weekend warrior project. Make your own…

Materials needed to make a frosted glass doily mirror.

Materials Needed for Frosted Glass Doily Mirror

Tutorial sharing how to make a frosted glass doily mirror. It's so easy!

How to Make a Frosted Glass Doily Mirror

1. Start my cleaning the mirror with soap and water to remove any debris or dirt, and let dry.

2. Choose a paper doily that works for the size mirror you have. My doily is about a third of the size of mirror. On the backside of the doily, place double sided tape all over.

You will want to overload it with tape so that you can stop the spray from going into areas you don’t want it to be. But you also want to be sure not to put tape over any areas that are suppose to be “open” in the doily. Then turn over and secure to the mirror anywhere you wish.

Remember: The area you put the doily, will be the only spot in the mirror you will actually be able to see a reflection when we are done.

3. Place mirror down on flat surface. Shake frosted glass spray according to directions and then spray 7-12 inches away from the mirror in even, sweeping strokes. Thin layers are the best way to go about this to avoid drips and other inaccuracies. Wait for each coat to dry (about 15-10 minutes) before applying the next coat. My mirror took four coats.

4. After the last layer is completely dry, gently remove the paper doily and double-sided tape from mirror. Clean with damp cloth and you are ready to hang.

Learn how to make a frosted glass mirror with a doily design pattern. Learn how to make a frosted glass mirror with a doily design pattern.

Learn how to make a frosted glass mirror with a doily design pattern.  DIY Idea! Learn how to make a frosted glass mirror with a doily design pattern.

Now that you’ve seen how to make a frosted glass doily mirror, maybe you’d like to check out some more DIY mirror ideas? This one below is my current favorite…

Removing tape after color blocking a mirror with special paint. Hanging colorful mirrors that are color blocked using a special paint and a simple DIY technique.

Looking for more colorful inspiration? Check out my color blocked DIY mirror idea that uses transparent glass paints to create unique mirrors with tons of personality. Customize your mirror to any color you can imagine!

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totally going to have to try this…

Susan Petersen

What a beautiful project! I love this.


Thanks so much Susan and Tammy. Glad you like it.


This is the best yet that you’ve posted! What a cool idea, and so easy. It could work in so many environments. And you KNOW I love a good mirror. =)


I love the display you created with the mirror – the yellow flowers really pop against the white mirror!

Piper aka one sydney road

I love it and the best part…not a whole lot of materials or instructions!


Thank you so much Shannon. 🙂 Yes, I know how much you love mirrors. The mirror I used actually reminds me of one of the mirrors you have photographed before…forget what else was in that photograph (but i love it).


I LOVE this! So simple with GORGEOUS results. You’re so clever.




I love this idea!


Love it! It’s on my list of things to try!


How easy to DIY! It’s darling.


wow. that is one great idea!! thanx for sharing!


ohh- where is that cute little vase from ? <3



Miss B.

Fantastic!! I will definitely make one of these. thanks for the great idea!


I have a whole new respect for doilies. Thanks for sharing!


Great idea! You’d want to check your paper doily beforehand, to be sure it doesn’t have any “hanging chads” obstructing the punched-out design. I could see this working really well using colored spray paint, too, and with overlapped and/or off-center doilies.

Also, the phrase is “case in point”. 🙂


i love this! i didn’t know that there was spray glass etching stuff. very cool. i can’t wait to try this!!


Hey, followed this project from d*s. Thanks for a great idea; i have some old blue frosted glass paint lying around, so I’ll try this for sure! Have also subscribed and looking forward to your future posts. Cheers!


So have to try this!!!

Mike T.

Adorei, muito criatico, maravilhoso!!!

Dani Grossi

Simply cute!

Phares Causey

This is so pretty! I know many people who would LOVE this as a gift. Thanks for the cool idea! I’m going to make this a future post (credited to you of course :D).


thanks everyone!


I tried this! I’m posting about it on my blog tomorrow. Thanks for the tutorial!


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Hi, love your mirror, thanks for the tutorial. Wanted to let you know I featured it on my blog,



Thanks so much Anna for the shout out in your recent roundup. Love the other mirror projects you included as well. 🙂


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It’s a fantastic idea!!!!!


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absolutely lovee it…thanx so much for sharing..have got to get me some doilies and a fun mirror !! :o)


Pretty and creative. Mirrors are mostly functional. This one makes you take a second look.

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I can’t wait to try this for tablescape mirrors.

Mary Beth

Just so you know, has stolen all your photos and summarized your tutorial here:

Asia Citro

Yikes. Thanks for letting me know Asia. I will be contacting them.


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