A More Natural Approach to V-Day Decor

By Brittni • posted on 01/20/2010

Looking for a more natural way to bring that Valentine’s Day spirit into your home? Maybe something a bit more subtle? How about this moss filled heart. Found the image via .bobby and thought it would be an easy diy.

How do I get this look? Cut two pieces of chicken wire into identical heart shapes. If you want to add a little color, spray paint chicken wire and wait for paint to dry. Lay the hearts on top of each other.Then, starting from the bottom of the heart run a thin, pliable wire through the holes in the chicken wire that lines the outside of the hearts. Threading the two separate hearts together. Leave the top open in order to stuff in pete moss or something similar (air plants might work well too). Then close top of heart again using the wire threading technique. And there you have it: a unique indoor/outdoor piece that you can leave up well past the holiday.


Image: Country Heart via .bobby

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