This is Why I’m Hot: No-Sew DIY Hot Pads

By Brittni • Updated on 07/07/2021

DIY // No-Sew Hot Pads Idea

I’m hoping to bring a little ray of (rainbow) sunshine to your Monday (and your dinner table) with this colorful hot pad DIY. Overall, this project was super easy and also kind of relaxing, in a strange way.

Basically, I just dip dyed upholstery cording in super bright colors, before wrapping it around and around and securing the whole thing with glue. Pretty easy, right? I’m sharing the full tutorial over on Momtastic, if you want to check it out.

DIp Dyed Upholstery Cording

DIY // Dip Dyed Upholstery Cording

Of course, you can completely customize the colors, if you’re looking for something a little more neutral or more ‘fall-like’. But I thought I’d go with bright colors for this one, to bring the fun of summer into fall.

DIY // No-Sew Hot Pads Idea

DIY // No-Sew Hot Pads Idea

Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

P.S. If you understand the song reference in the title of this post, we are destined to be best friends. Just sayin’.

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Hi Emily. Yes, you should be able to purchase the cording from a craft store very easily (usually in the upholstery section). And you’ll use glue to stick everything together. Click the link in the post for the full tutorial. Hope that helps.


Also, how can you stick the upholstery cording together?

Emily McNabola

Can you get the piping cording from hobbycraft or any art and craft stores?

Emily McNabola

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Love this! Definitely going to try.

Sabrina Smelko | Hands and Hustle

this idea is so cute. but where can I get the upholstery cording?

Anne Katrine

How have I not seen this project until now?! It’s so lovely!

Rachel | The Crafted Life

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Oemgee, I love this. Such a cute + simple (and pretty) idea!


Love this! What a great idea and it’s so super fast you can do these fast to match any theme and color scheme of your parties! Might have to take this project on soon!

Thanks for some great inspirations!


This is so stinkin’ cool! Definitely going to try this!

Mikéla Davelyn

so thug for such a cute post! 😉


Ok these are just gorgeous!! Loving the colors!

sara walk

Cute idea! How do you finish the ends to keep them from fraying? And what glue do you recommend?


The colours are so pretty! But am I the only one who thinks glue and hot pot don’t make a good mix?


These are beautiful! They remind me of something I did when I was younger – same colors! x


such a cute concept! I love it. where do you get your creative inspiration??

love, arielle
a simple elegance


So pretty.

Yolonda j Washington

Aw, thanks Kel…that can be arranged. 🙂


Lucky for you, I do understand the reference in the title. And we shall definitely be best friends. Also, I wish I could “register” for a DIY project because I want a whole set of these! THE COLORS!

Kelly @ Studio DIY
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