Oh Faux You Didn’t: How to Make a Faux Fur (Decorative) Pillow in Under 20 Minutes

By Brittni • posted on 02/15/2024

A light-filled, cozy bedroom gets a DIY upgrade with a faux fur pillow project that you can sew up in less than 20 minutes! Wait 'til you see what it's made of! #bedroom #pillow #pink #fauxfur #interiors #interior #decorating #fall #winter #diy

I’m all for adding texture for the fall / winter months, and since I seem to be a on a bit of a faux fur kick lately (remember the faux fur DIY stockings), I have a faux fur pillow tutorial to share today.

I used an inexpensive faux fur pink blanket from Target, leftover from my tiny holiday party post. AND it took less than 20 minutes to make because it’s was only two lines of stitching! I’ll explain after the jump. Click through for the step by step instructions.

FYI – I originally created this DIY project for Domino and am sharing it here, with permission.

How to make a faux fur pillow in under 20 minutes! Click through for the tutorial. #pillow #pink #diy #tutorial #winter #howto #sewing #sewingproject



The faux fur throw I used has a second layer of fabric on the underside, which cut the sewing time in half because the two pieces of fabric (which would become the front and back of the pillow) were already sewn together on two sides. This will make more sense as you read through the instructions, but essentially, if you use a corner of the blanket you’ll have way less sewing to do!

1. Start by measuring the pillow insert you plan to use. The one I used is 15 x 15 inches. Then add a 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch onto that measurement (on each side) for seam allowance. Mark the measurements, starting from a corner of the throw

2. Then, it’s time to cut! If cutting from the corner of the throw, like I did, you’ll have two sides that are cut and two sides that are still sewn together from the throw itself.

3. Next, turn the cut piece inside out and stitch one full side with a straight stitch on your sewing machine. Then, stitch the other side partially, leaving 6-8 inches unstitched for space to fit the insert inside the opening.

4. Flip the pillow case right side out again and insert the pillow through the opening. Be sure to poke out the corners and get the insert how you like it before moving onto the next step. If the corners are difficult to get to with your fingers, use a long dowel rod or something similar.

5. Lastly, to finish the pillow do a blind ladder stitch to close the opening by hand.

A light-filled, cozy bedroom gets a DIY upgrade with a faux fur pillow project that you can sew up in less than 20 minutes! Wait 'til you see what it's made of! #bedroom #pillow #pink #fauxfur #interiors #interior #decorating #fall #winter #diy

Sewing by Julia Pistsova // Project and Photography by Brittni Mehlhoff

Do you have a blanket that this pillow project would work on? What do you think of the finished result? Are you into the idea of textured decorative pillows in the bedroom?

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Hi Brittni. Love how simple this is to do and it looks fantastic! Our readers will appreciate your tutorial. We’ve shared this in our latest craft inspiration roundup. https://craftylikegranny.com/makers-gonna-make-crafting-fun/ Cheers Jodie 🙂


Thanks Lindsey. 🙂


There are so many great textiles at target right now…and I can’t wait to see their new jewel-toned collection that’s coming out this Spring! Love how you transformed the furry throw!

Lindsey McCord

Lovely! You can use the idea and make practically out of any fabric.

KMP Furniture Blog

This pillow is so beautiful! I just bought similar one and I paid 15 euros… 🙁 It’s sad, because now I realized that I was able to made it myself. 😀 By the way, I love all your blog posts and I have one question. Do you know about making your own wall murals online? 🙂 I really want to improve my home a bit and I just found such https://www.decoshaker.com/diy-wall-murals online shop that offers to create your own wall decals. I already know what picture I could use! But does such decor is modern and trendy? And will it be in 2017? Waiting for your opinion! 🙂


Thanks Pink Pineapple. Happy Monday!


I love post,thanks for sharing!

The pink pineapple

Glad to hear that Helen. Let me know how your pillow turns out! So, so easy to make.


This DIY is exactly what I need! I’ve been on the hunt for a faux fur throw pillow, and I love that I can make it myself. Thanks for this great tutorial!



Thanks Michelle. I wish you could reach out and touch this pillow – so soft (and fluffy) like you said.


It’s sooooo wonderfully fluffy, I love it!


Thanks Courtney!


That pillow is so cute!! I love the color of it.

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