DIY Mother’s Day Gift Idea: How to Paint on Glass + Create Custom Pattern Vases

By Brittni • posted on 02/15/2024

Color blocked glass vases with painted stencil designs

Flowers are one of those gifts that I will always, ALWAYS happily except. Which isn’t exactly unique to me…I don’t know anyone who would turn down a bouquet. 

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I added my own little twist to the typical card and flowers gift for Mom, with custom painted vases that will be a forever keepsake long after the flowers have wilted. 

I partnered with Martha Stewart and Plaid Crafts to bring it all to life and am showing you exactly how to make your own after the jump. Click through for the tutorial and more DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Orange glass vase holding colorful fresh flowers like peonies

The thing I love most about using Martha Stewart’s Family Friendly Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic is that these paints work on a variety of surfaces, which means I don’t have to store heaps of paint in my craft closet for every individual surface I want to use it on.

With these paints, you can add color to glass, wood, canvas, metal, terra cotta, paper, and fabric. So, I was able to use the same paint on multiple surfaces for the project I’m sharing today.

After using the paint and stencils on glass, I tried them on wood AND ceramics too.

Worked like a charm on every surface I tried. Ready to try it yourself? Here’s what you’ll need to make your own…

Materials needed for stenciled glass vases project

Materials To Create Custom Pattern Vases

How To Create Custom Pattern Vases

1. I used Martha Stewart adhesive stencils for this project, so that I didn’t have to worry about trying to freehand designs onto anything. Which basically makes this DIY Mother’s Day gift idea fool-proof!

For the adhesive backing stencils like mine, you just remove the stencil from the backing, then place the stencil on the surface of your vase, dish, etc.

Make sure to push the stencil down all the way around to ensure its adhered to the surface really well before moving on to step #2.

*For this project, I used one of the patterns from the Global stencil and the wave shapes from the Mermaid stencil.

Stencils being peeled to use for a craft project

Stenciling glass vase

2. Pour a small amount of paint onto a paper plate or paint palette.

I used Martha Stewart’s Family Friendly Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic in mango and pink taffy (these paints are available in 78 colors though if you’re looking for another option).

Load the paint sparingly onto your stencil brush, dauber, or pouncer. For this project, I liked using the daubers best. 

Dab off the excess paint before tapping or pouncing a thin layer of paint over the the stencil. 

Apply a second coat if necessary. I found that I didn’t actually need a second coat because I like the slight transparency of the pattern with just one coat.

Stenciling glass vase with wave pattern

3. Next, while the paint is still wet, peel the stencil off (carefully) to reveal the finished design.

Removing stencil from glass vase to reveal design

4. Repeat the above steps for a repeat pattern like mine, if desired.

Then clean the stencil off with soap and water (while the paint is still wet) and let dry before attaching the stencil to the backing again to store.

Once dry, add water and your flowers and they’re ready to be gifted to Mom.

Orange glass vase with colorful fresh flowers and Martha Stewart paint materials

Glasses vases with painted stencil designs on muted orange background with the sun shining through

Simple glass vase with peonies and anemones bouquet

Color blocked glass vases with stenciled pattern and wispy bouquet

Mother's Day gifts of clear vase with free floral bouquet and wood serving tray

You can find Martha Stewart products exclusively at Michaels.

Have you ever painted glass before? What’s your favorite kind of flower to be gifted?

I have partnered with the Martha Stewart team and Plaid Crafts for this post.  All expressed opinions and experiences are my own.

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Is the paint washable? I am always looking for glass paint that isn’t complicated and really lasts! Thanks, great tutorial.


What a beautiful idea! I really like the delicate dot design on the vase!


Thank you Karlijn. That vase is such a cool shape, right?!


So pretty! I’m in love with the hourglass formed one. Beautiful!

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