Mother’s Day DIY to Try: Iron-On Decals for Purses, Pouches and More

By Brittni • Updated on 02/15/2024

Mother's Day DIY to Try: Iron-On Decals for Purses, Pouches and More. #mothersday #diy #diygift #diydecal #diypurse #patternonpattern #patternbag

If you’ve been around here for a hot minute or more, you know that I really, really love DIYs.

But did you also know that I’m obsessed with discovering new craft tools that I haven’t used before? I’m like a kid in a candy store, who has to try the newest flavor. And today’s flavor is really tasty!

After making DIY ornaments last year with my Cricut Maker, I was curious to see what else I could do. Hint: SO many things.

So, I tried out the Cricut EasyPress 2, alongside my Cricut Maker, and ooooohhhh…I am hooked.

When I say I literally cannot stop using this thing, I mean it! I did some iron-on designs for purses, wallets, keychains, and more. Everything you see in that photo above!

And since my very first Mother’s Day is creeping up quick AND these iron-on ideas happen to make perfect gifts, I wanted to share the results to inspire you to make your own gifts for mom. Or yourself! 

Click through to see everything I made, download the (free) design files to make your own.

If you’ve never used a Cricut Maker or an EasyPress 2 before, you have to try ’em!! You can seriously make SO many things.

The Cricut Maker cuts, writes and scores on hundreds of materials, from vinyl and iron-on (like what I used for these projects today), to fabric, basswood, leather, and more. It actually cuts the most materials of any Cricut machines.

And the Easy Press 2 creates foolproof iron-on results that really last (in 60 seconds or less).

Both are quick and easy to use AND the setup is totally painless.

You can upload your own designs and start cutting immediately or access their huge library of ready-to-make projects and templates (via Cricut’s Design Space) if you need some  inspiration.

And then use those cuts to create your own design with the EasyPress 2 for t-shirts, pouches, bags, and more.

I was thinking about this yesterday…

Illustrators would have an amazing time with this combo of tools and materials.

Because you can essentially design your own patterns for nearly any object you can think of…notebooks, pouches, clothing, bandanas, etc. 

If you’re not a designer or illustrator though, no worries, I have you covered!

I designed some patterns and little messages for mom that you can download below (completely free) to use for any of your upcoming projects.

Design Files for DIY Iron-On Projects

  • Download the Flower Power Iron-On Design here.
  • Download the Uneven Stripes Iron-On Design here.
  • Download the Mama Bear Iron-On Design here.

You can also resize the files to your liking in the Cricut’s Design Space, to make the patterns bigger or smaller.

Mother's Day DIY to Try: Iron-On Decals for Purses, Pouches and More. #mothersday #diy #diygift #diydecal #diypurse #patternonpattern #patternbag

Iron-On Process (How To)

1. I designed a few patterns and little designs for some of the projects I wanted to create. I’m no illustrator – I just created some simple files in Photoshop.

2. Then, I cut the designs onto Cricut Everyday Iron-on (available in TONS of different colors – browse iron-on options here) using my Cricut Maker.

3. And then weeded each design, which means removing the excess material from the design with a weeding tool – again, SUPER easy.

Using a Cricut Easy Press 

4. From there, I was ready to get started with the EasyPress 2.

And I just followed the instructions that come with the machine. Very, very easy.

Basically, turn it on, set the temperature for the material you’re pressing onto, set the timer based on your material, wait for the machine to beep.

And then it’s ready to use.

My baseline temperature and heat time for all of these pieces was: 315 degrees for 20 seconds.

And I would just check on each time to see if I needed to go longer or not.

Once the material has had time to cool, you can remove the backing to reveal your completed design. And that’s it!

Mother's Day DIY to Try: Iron-On Decals for Purses, Pouches and More. #mothersday #diy #diygift #diydecal #diypurse #patternonpattern #patternbag

Quick note… If you do any lettering designs with the EasyPress 2, be sure to check the mirror image button in the Cricut design space before cutting, so that when you heat set it, it will be correct.

Here’s everything I used as the ‘backdrop’ for my designs:

yellow purse with oval handle // grey blue wallet // faux crocodile purse (couldn’t find online – but it’s Anthro) // rust colored notebook // lilac clutch // blue envelope clutch // leather keychain blanks (purchased locally).

And the Cricut Everyday Iron-on colors I used are: lilac, orange, kelly green, and wine.

Mother's Day DIY to Try: Iron-On Decals for Purses, Pouches and More. #mothersday #diy #diygift #diydecal #diypurse #patternonpattern #patternbag

Mother's Day DIY to Try: Iron-On Decals for Purses, Pouches and More. #mothersday #diy #diygift #diydecal #diypurse #patternonpattern #patternbag

Mother's Day DIY to Try: Iron-On Decals for Purses, Pouches and More. #mothersday #diy #diygift #diydecal #diypurse #patternonpattern #patternbag

What do you think of the finished iron-on- projects? Which one is your fave?! I’d love to know!

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