Mug Shots: 9 Awesome Mugs for Fall

By Brittni • posted on 07/08/2021

Mug Thug: 9 Awesome Mugs for Fall

When fall rolls around, it’s hard to imagine any activity without a hot drink in hand. Whether it’s hot tea on a Tuesday or salted caramel hot chocolate on a Saturday, there’s nothing better than breaking out a new mug this time of year. Okay, okay – they’re are better things, but its still pretty high on the list. Right?!

Here are a handful of awesome fall mugs to keep your eyes on…

Mug Thug: 9 Awesome Mugs for Fall

1. indigo brush organic mug from Robert Gordon
2. Japanese tea and espresso cups from Poketo
3. coffee mug from Herriott Grace (same mugs as feature image btw)
4. mug in natural from Hasami Porcelain
5. arc cup by Yield Design
6. thank you NY diner mug from Urban Outfitters (on sale for ($9.99)
7. beach giant mug from Helen Levi
8. ceramic coffee mug from Jenn Erickson
9. small wave cups from Anna Beam Ceramics

Have a fave? Let me know in the comments below.

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Love those Michelle. I just bought a couple of them while I was in Austin actually (at a different shop, called Tiny Heart) and am already getting so much use out of them.


Number 2 are my favourites, I love the designs!


Thanks Corina. I totally didn’t realize that nearly every mug was blue until I started putting together the roundup image. I guess I’m really into blue mugs right now. 🙂


Adorable! Love all the blue tones and details!

Corina Nika

Thanks Tori! I love coming up with funny titles when I can. 🙂


Haha, I’m in love with the title of this post almost as much as the post itself!

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