Interior Obsessions: Beautiful Kitchens

By Brittni • posted on 02/13/2024

Emily Wright Kitchen

Back when we bought our house in 2007, we pretty quickly came to the conclusion that something needed to be done in the kitchen (even though I hardly ever cooked at the time). There were royal blue tile countertops that also morphed into a backsplash of equal ickiness, after all.

We didn’t have the budget to do much, so we made minimal improvements, and I’m glad that was the case because our style has changed/ evolved over the last seven years. No surprise, right? And if we had to do things all over again (with a bigger budget of course), I’d do it very differently.

So I partnered with Wren Living, a privately owned family company, focused on bringing functional and affordable design to the UK, to dream about a kitchen remodel similar to these gorgeous spaces. If you’ve never heard of Wren Living, let me be the one to introduce you. They specializes in fully assembled cabinetry in designer finishes and styles. All at affordable prices. More info on their kitchen collections here.

Okay! Now that you know little more about Wren Living, let’s get to the kitchen inspiration. This week, I’m obsessing over these beautiful spaces…

(above) I love the lighting and shelving system in this space…and those stainless steel counters.

White Marble Backsplash in the Kitchen

Isn’t the marble backsplash gorgeous in this home?

Two-Toned Cabinets + Light Countertops

Loving the two-toned cabinets in this kitchen. This one features fitted (fully assembled) cabinets from Wren Living’s Linda Barker collection (which are some of my favorites). And look at those cabinet pulls. Love those.

Great kitchen with open shelving

This kitchen has more of an industrial vibe, but the wood floors warm things up and provide a nice contrast against all the stainless steel.

Beautiful Kitchen from Smitten Studio

This cabinet color in this kitchen, that Smitten Studio remodeled, is so cool with the gold drawer and cabinet pulls.

The kitchen of Courtney Klein

Clean white cabinets and a butcher block counter never go out of style in my book. I like the wood drawer pulls here too, which usually wouldn’t be my thing. They totally work with countertops though. More photos of this space here.

Honey Home kitchen

I never thought I would like plywood cabinets, but these are amazing.

Pale blue kitchen cabinets from Wren Living

I’m all about unexpected pops of color, and there is definitely something about these pale blue cabinets that I really love. It makes the kitchen feel kind of tranquil and calming. Don’t you think?

White Kitchen with Whitewashed Cabinets

And finally, one of my absolute faves… Is this kitchen stunning, or what? It’s not the biggest space, but I absolutely love it. White everywhere!

Obviously, the styles in this roundup differ from one another, but they’re all so lovely. I’d have a hard time choosing just one look to run with in my own kitchen, if given the chance. I love them all.

What about you? Do you have a favorite?

Wren Living logoThis post is in partnership with Wren Living. All opinions and ideas are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible. 

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Oh yes.. This is look so cute and lovely, this is that a dreamy home about.

Shaun Howell

So what are you going to do with your kitchen after all? Planning a remodel yet?
The designs above are very minimalistic and clean – a very popular modern style. Even though the latest link with the white halls is gorgeous, imagine how hard it is to keep it that white….


I love how simple and clean those designs are!


They are truly amazing <3


Yes! Janet, I love those pale blue cabinets too.


The pale blue cabinets are beautiful!!


I know, right?! I had thought the same thing about plywood, but changed my mind when I saw that kitchen. It’s so cool.


I didn’t think that plywood would look good in a kitchen but I am actually really liking it. Great collection of nice kitchens.


Have fun with your kitchen remodel. I love the style you are leaning toward. We have designed and built 5 homes and are in the planning stage for #6. We are absolutely hooked on Houzz. If you find yourself in a budget pinch do not skimp on cabinets and opt for a pricy counter upgrade. Counters are easy to replace down the road and laminate is cheap enough to consider a temporary solution. Cabinets, on the other hand, are hard to replace and even a cheap set is pretty pricy. Plus, those fancy counters may get damaged or just not work with a new run of cabinets. Counters just sit there but cabinets are a dynamic experience. It’s a shame so many people are willing to put blingy counters on inferior casework. It’s like good shoes vs cheap shoes. They may look good for a bit but eventually they will show their shoddiness and make you uncomfortable from head to toe.


Glad you like this kitchen inspiration, Karen. That marble backslash is a good one.


Those are all ridiculously gorgeous kitchens. I can’t get past that marble backsplash, though – love that airy, modern-classic vibe.

Karen @ a house full of sunshine
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