Interior Obsessions: Big Windows + Lots of Light

By Brittni • posted on 02/14/2024

Loft with Gorgeous Light + Big Windows

Regardless of style changes and trends over the years one thing that I will always be obsessed with in interiors is natural light. And lots of it! Which basically boils down to big giant windows.

When we lived in Seattle, we had a pretty great apartment with floor to ceiling windows in every room. But then we moved back to Florida and (surprise!) couldn’t find that here. So, for now, I’ll just dream about these spaces instead…

1. (above) This place is beautiful. I love the elaborate moldings, mixed with modern and vintage furniture and art.

Great sitting room with giant beautiful windows

Big Windows in this Black and White Dining Room

2. These are a couple more photos from that same home. Pretty great, huh?

The Room with a Thousand Windows

3. Could you imagine living here? I don’t know if you’d call this a glass roof, or windows, or skylights?! But whatever you call them, this place is incredible.

Oakland Studio with Lots of Light

4. Love the walls of windows in this Oakland studio.

Open dining room with huge industrial windows

5. These windows are similar as well. Such a beautiful space.

A place to lounge by the windows

6. And finally, a gorgeous loft / concept store with great natural light. Even on a dreary day.

Real quick…if we were playing a game and you HAD to choose one of these six spaces to move into tomorrow, which one would you pick? My vote is for #1. And I’d love to hear which one you like most too.

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Love the entire place! So bright and fresh!White paint is really my favorite specially when the space is open to natural light, it helps me save energy during morning.


This is great!
Above the point one… What kind of chair are these? What manufacture?


So true! Natural light is the key to everything…and my place has zero. So I’ll take house # 3, please.


So hard to choose! After living in an apartment with only 2 windows for the past few years, I am fawning over all of these places. Number six might just be my favorite though 🙂

Rachel | The Crafted Life

I am drooling over all of these windows. I know that natural light/ windows are a big part of what sells a home. I#1 is my favorites. Love the moldings and vintage feel, as well.

Erin Shelton

Thanks for the quick response. It’s interesting that you didn’t find it a problem. I never see any blinds on these windows, but obviously people don’t feel uncomfortable or they wouldn’t live there.


Hi Judy. I guess it just depends on where your home is…if it’s surrounded by trees and vegetation or is in a high-rise apartment or condo building, etc it would still totally feel private. It’s probably not for everyone, but I know I felt like I still had privacy in our apartment in Seattle…We lived in a corner unit on the eighth floor and had floor to ceiling windows in every room. There was a privacy screen system (similar to blinds) that we could use if we wanted to, as well. But I think we used them less than 5 times total the entire time we lived there.


What do they do for privacy at night? I love the hugh windows in the daytime, but would not be comfortable with everyone seeing in at night? Am I the only one who would find this a problem?


I agree, Maca – nothing better than natural light and big windows!


Love love love nr 3! There si nothing berree than a natural light home with huuuge windows


Two people both named Alex pick the same space. Love it! And six is a good one for sure.


Can I live in a store?? Number 6 please! And Belgium?! YESS!!


For me number six is the best!


Cool Katerina. I’ll check out your blog.


When it comes to posting about houses on my blog I always do about places like the above. Great pics!


Great picks, Amelia.


I love #1, but if were really talking windows, I’m all over #3! Think how stunning the stars would be at night!

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