Interior Obsessions: Moving to a New Place

By Brittni • Updated on 02/14/2024

Vintage mid-century credenza in the entryway

After much debate back and forth, and some input from you on the subject (thank you!), Jeff and I have decided to move to a new place that will help us reach some of our other goals for the year (mainly traveling a lot more and relieving Luna’s doggie arthritis as much as possible – no more stairs). It’s going to be really hard to say goodbye to what has been our home  for the last 2 years / the only place we’ve lived in Atlanta thus far. BUT I think in the end it’s the right choice. And it’s in the same neighborhood we live in now, so it won’t be a drastic change.

One thing that will be a pretty drastic change though is moving into a semi-generic apartment that is also half the size of our current one. It’s a pretty big bag of mixed emotions.

But in order to really do what’s best for Luna (hell yes we make decisions based on the well being of our animals), make the most out of this 12 trips in 12 months thing, and start saving up again for a house (once we sell the one we already own in Jacksonville – which is a whole other story), this is the best move.

So, we’re going for it! We’re moving at the end of this month.

And to get myself excited about the change, I’m planning out where things will go and what pieces we’ll need to invest in once we get there to make it feel more unique, less apartment-y, and more ‘us’. So, today I’m sharing my current interior obsessions, that are helping to get me inspired for the new digs.

Contrasting paint underneath the kitchen island

Pop of color on the island, via Design Sponge

The four things at the top of my list right now that we’ll need when we we move in are 1) bar stools 2) rugs 3) pendant lights 4) cool storage solutions.

We haven’t had a need for bar stools in years, so I’m super excited about finding some new ones – especially since I’m still obsessed with chairs and seating. Those will go along the kitchen island. And then we’ll replace the basic pendant lights with something more our style in there too. The rugs situation is a little less cut and dry though. Ideally, I want to get a new rug for the living room, one for master bedroom, and a runner in the entryway. But who knows. Rugs are tough.

Outside of those three things, we really need some cool storage solutions because we’re going from a three bedroom townhouse to a one bedroom apartment and while there is some decent closet space, it’s not going to cut it for all of the stuff we’ve collected over the years. So, if you know of any awesome storage solutions (DIY or otherwise), definitely let me know.

Cool storage in a modern home

Love this open shelving option, via SF Girl by Bay.

While I’m listing things off, we’ll probably need a couple of really awesome pieces of artwork. We already have quite a few pieces that we can use, but there’s a part of me that wants to start fresh. Or at least get the rest of our prints and posters framed that still need a home. And I’d love to get some more plants too – again, anything to make the space feel less generic and apartment-like.

So, I guess there’s a lot to do. We’ve already started packing up and putting things into piles to bring over to the studio for an upcoming studio sale (which I’ll be announcing soon – a mix of studio pieces and things from our home that we don’t have space for anymore). But I’m excited for the change and a new place to decorate / problem-solve. Here are the spaces that I’m using for inspiration as we get ready to move…

Muuto bar tools in the kitchen

Love these bar stools, from Muuto.

Vintage dresser in mid-century meets minimal master bedroom

Thinking about using our vintage dresser, that is currently in the master bedroom, as a credenza in the main living space for the new place.

Plants and prints in a light and bright modern home

Love the vibe of tall plants like this guy, via Amber Interior. Anyone know what type of plant / tree this is?

Contrasting island and natural bar stool vibes

I love these barstools too… They’re the same ones as the ones I loved in an LA Airbnb I stayed in a long time ago. Photo via Amber Interior.

Gallery wall

Also like the way the artwork is hung in this space, via Fantastic Frank.

And that’s it for now. Let me know if there is anything in particular you’d like to see tackled makeover-wise, DIY-wise, etc in the new place. I’ll be getting started on projects pretty much as soon as we move in, so I’d love to hear your suggestions.

Feature image at top, via SF Girl by Bay

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I had no idea you were from Jacksonville! Duval is my hometown! I think I fell in love with your blog a bit more


I hope that your move is going smoothly! One of my favorite storage solutions is to use a large peg board. It is an easy DIY and you can install both hooks and shelves. It is a great way to display your collection of things in a cute way it also goes nicely with any natural wood accents you have!

Charlotte |

Charlotte Londsay

Nice photos! I really like your ideas and hope that your move will be great at the end. Thanks for sharing your post!


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I’ve moved so much in my life (i was actually born in Atlanta but now live in Sydney Australia) but I still find the idea exciting. Love your ideas! As for storahe tricks, I’d say garage sales. We downsized and i just got so tired of putting things away and tripping over the storage. It’s not easy though.

In Australia we call the plant Dracena.


Great decor. Very attractive post to reach out. Due to green plants the place is looking very natural and beautiful. I think you should also go for some Colorful Mandala Tapestries for wall hanging or bedspreads.

Paul Walker

The plant in that photo is a draceana (I know I’m spelling that wrong…) Good luck with the move and have fun decorating your new space!


Good luck with the move, I’m sure it will be just perfect (I love change and believe it’s always for better). All your inspirations pictures just ended up in my folder (as I’m starting a project of organizing/decorating/improving/… my new house). So beautiful!


I love the idea of saving on rent in order to travel more (and provide more comfort for your sweet doggie)! I don’t think you’ll ever regret that exchange.

I also LOVE all these inspo images. The first one really reminded me of Emily Henderson’s new kitchen and I’m super into the bar stools she has in there ( *except* they come in a natural wood, which I think is even lovelier). Clean and chic with a little bit of French cafe charm. Perfection!

xx Hannah //


How exciting, congrats on making the move! I will be moving into a one bedroom place by myself away from having a roommate in August and will be similarly struggling to redecorate, invest in new pieces, and eliminate all the clutter. Can’t wait to see what you do in your new space and get inspiration!

Julia –


Congrats ! Can’t wait to see the pictures <3

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Oh goodness! Congratulations! Cannot wait to see how you’ll decorate the new place

Corina Nika

I thought you were moving out of Atlanta for a second. I got so sad.


I like that too, Abby. Thinking about adding a little color on the island when we move.


I’m loving the pop of color wall! It’s definitely at the top of my to-do list whenever my fiance and I move into a house. 🙂

Abby Saylor

Thanks Nicole.


I love the interior inspiration. 🙂


Thanks for the plant name, Antonella. I think you’re right!


Moving, and a change of space in general, is so exciting! That looks like a dragon plant to me. Good luck!

Antonella | White House Crafts

Thanks Michelle. I’m excited to get in there and figuring out what we can do with it.


Now this is some exciting news! I’m curious how everything will turn out, your Inspiration board already looks wonderful (especially the kitchen area).

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