Knot Your Average Hair Tutorial: An Easy Knotted Up Do in 15 Minutes

By Brittni • Updated on 07/07/2021

Knotted up do hair tutorial in 15 minutes

Getting ready for V-Day with another hair tutorial that is really easy to do yourself. If you can tie a knot, you can nail this hair do. So, literally anyone (and any hair type) can make this look happen – straight hair, curly hair, thick hair, thin hair, etc.

Interested in giving this bad boy a try? Click through for the step by step process.

Hair tutorial for easy knotted up do in 15 minutes


1. Prep hair at the roots and throughout with a texturizing product. This style is great for day after hair and can be done with curly or straight hair, the look will just vary slightly with straight hair.

2. Starting with the top quarter section of your hair (doesn’t have to be precise, just several somewhat consistent sections), split into two sections and tie in a loose double knot and secure with a bobby pin. If your hair is curly or has enough texture you may not even need a pin for this step.

3. Once that knot is done drop it and pick up the next quarter section of your hair and knot in the same way. Repeat this process until you make it to the bottom.

4. Pin the last knot and tuck any loose ends underneath that may be sticking out. Pull or spread and pin any last pieces to get the shape that you want, and you’re done!

Hair tutorial for an easy knotted up do. If you can tie a knot, you can recreate this look.

The idea for this up do is similar to last year’s holiday knotted crown tutorial, but creates a totally different look… This one is a little faster to replicate, but I love them both.

Hair tutorial for an easy knotted up do. If you can tie a knot, you can recreate this look.

Easy knotted up to (hair tutorial)

Hair tutorial for easy knotted up do in 15 minutes

Hair Rachel Brewer
Model Amelia Tatnall
Photography Brittni Mehlhoff

Curious to know… What kind of up do is your typical ‘go to’? Think you’ll give this knotted up do a try?

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I love the colours of your hair!!! (or the model’s hair) I just did unicorn hair myself (and wrote a post on what you need to know before you go rainbow 🙂 ) but cuz my hair is darker it looks different 🙂

Zen || Fashion & Interiors DIY blogger

Love it! So simple and cute!


I’m so picky with updos, but I definitely will be trying this one out!!


I actualky cant do knots with my hair. Ist straight but frizzy and everytime i have so many stands and ends sticking out that i won’t give it another try :/
But it looks very cute!


Get out of town. This is SUCH a nice change of pace from my usual bun. Planning for tomorrow!

Lexy | Proper

I lovee this look! Totally going to try it. I’ve also been wanted to dye my hair a little pink, so this is giving me total inspiration!


I love this! It looks so easy! I can’t wait to try!


the style is really super chic a perfect updo for a night out, or a day at the office. Bonus, is that it look super easy!! Thanks for the idea!!!


OMG! i just tried it on myself and it worked!
now i just need to find someone to do it for me the right way!
super cute idea. i loooove it! cant wait to do this for reals i need some spunk in my hair life and this is something thats easy enough to do.


So cute and easy!


That’s a wonderful look (and I like her unconventional hair colour), but I fear that my hair will tangle too much after that!


Love it – especially with the pink in it!!! My go to is a ponytail – thrilling, I know 😉 I’m not very good at doing my own hair.


Thanks Sarah. Glad you like it.


This is gorgeous! I’ve been looking for different ways to put up my hair 🙂

x Sarah

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