Living Room Reveal + How to Make DIY Leather Picture Frames

By Brittni • posted on 06/04/2024

Organic Modern Living Room Reveal

Recently, Jeff and I decided to try something a little different in our living room and remove the television. Don’t get me wrong, I love zoning out into tv land at night after my work is done. But it was just such an eye sore! Especially when I’m in the mood for redecorating. So, out it went! Well, upstairs actually, but you know what I mean.

Which means, I was able to give our living space a much needed makeover and finally share our living room reveal with the help of Mpix, a site that creates high quality photo products for snap-happy consumers like me (and you). And you can do the same! Win a $150 gift card to Mpix at the bottom of this post!

One of the items that we were in most need of to finish out this space was artwork. So, I worked with Mpix to have a bunch of our travel photos and a few styling project photos printed and framed. Which has added some much needed pops of color and warmth to the room. It’s amazing what artwork will do to a space. Total transformation.

DIY Leather Framed Artwork + Living Room Reveal

Organic Modern Living Room Reveal

How to make leather covered picture frames for artwork

Naturally, I threw in a DIY element (because it’s nearly impossible for me to decorate without a DIY or two) that I think you’re going to love. DIY leather frames! When I first started thinking about this project I felt a little crazy…’Leather frames? How am I going to pull this off?’ But once I figured it out, it was on! And I now literally want to cover every frame in our house with leather. I’m addicted and must be stopped. But not until I show you how to make your own! Right? So let’s do this…

DIY Leather Frames


– framed or mounted artwork (I used standouts and framed prints from Mpix)
– leather strips that are the same width as your frame (I used 1 1/2 inch wide leather for the standouts and 2 inch wide for the framed prints)
– heavy duty scissors or sharp blade
– hot glue gun
– pen or pencil for marking

How To:

I used two different types of frames for this project. So, I’ll show you how to make both kinds. One is a little easier than the other. So, lets start with the simple version…

How to make leather picture frames for artwork

For the standout version, start at the top of your frame. Place the end of the leather strip flush with the edge, then mark off where the opposite edge of the frame is on the leather (as shown in the photo). Make sure that the entire strip is flat against the frame profile to get a proper measurement.

How to make leather picture frames for artwork

Next, cut the leather on the mark and glue the strip to the frame with several beads of hot glue. Apply pressure to ensure the glue adheres properly.

Repeat this process on the bottom of the frame. Then, do the same for the sides (making sure to add extra length to accommodate the leather that has been added to the top and bottom). Done!

DIY // How to Make Leather Picture Frames

 The standard framed prints are a little bit more challenging, but still fairly easy. I measured the leather strips the same way as the first, but angled the cuts, so they would come together in the corners in a more professional looking way. To get that look, you have to be pretty precise with your measuring and cutting, so, all the pieces will fit together at the corners.

To do this, I lined up the first piece of leather flush to the edge, then made a mark where the inner corner of the frame starts, drew a line from the point to the end of the leather strip and cut on the line. Repeat that process around the entire perimeter and then attach the strips with hot glue.

DIY // Leather Picture Frames for Artwork

This goes without saying, but I feel the need to mention it anyway, because, well, I just do. But theses frames totally did not need a makeover. They look great just as they are, which is why I’ve only DIYed the leather on a couple of them so far. It is a nice element though, to tie in the leather from the couch and some of the other natural elements we have in the space.

And speaking of those frames…In addition to different frame designs (16 options to be exact), Mpix also lets you choose the paper type, coating, mounting, matting, and type of glass (you can even opt for no glass at all). I went with the non-glare glass for all of the framed pieces and it is awesome! Especially because you know how I like to take pictures of things. No reflection! I think I’m going to have to dub that option ‘bloggers glass’.

They also offer standouts (which I used for the first part of the tutorial), canvas prints, prints on metal, etc if you’re looking for some more options. And in case it wasn’t obvious from the photos, the quality and craftsmanship for printing and framing is really, really high. For real! See all the wall art options here.

Quirky accessories and artwork in modern living room reveal

DIY leather framed artwork

And here are a couple of side by sides of the before and after. I had a hard time finding photos of how we had the room set up most recently before settling on this arrangement…but hopefully, this will give you the gist.

Before and After // Mid Century Living Room Reveal

Before and After // Eclectic Modern Living Room Reveal

And now…

Organic modern living room

Modern eclectic living room reveal

Living room reveal

Midcentury bullet planter

Midcentury living room reveal

Living room reveal

Alright, so now that you’ve seen my living room and those DIY leather frames I love so much, let’s talk giveaway! We’re giving away $150 to Mpix for one lucky winner to makeover their place with some awesome framed artwork or any other Mpix products. And there are a bunch of ways to enter using the widget below. Super easy!

Giveaway open to US residents only. Giveaway will end on September 29th at 11:59pm EST and winner will be announced shortly thereafter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Photography by Amelia Tatnall
Styling and before photos by Brittni Mehlhoff

Think you’ll give this DIY a try? What are your thoughts on our living room reveal?

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Wow, I love these leather pieces! I just bought my first house and I am getting really into statement piece home office decor. I love these! Thank you for the tutorial.


I love the frame idea! so much cheaper than buying real wooden frame. Must try that!! greattttt


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This is a great option to make non-matching frames match too! Would love to know more about that media center/book storage!

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Love how the picture frames really match the wood floor – this is some great ID !


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Great share!!The ideas are very nice and unique.Will try them for sure!!Your living room looks classy!!

erin patrick

Great Share!!Your living room looks great!!And those leather frames are so innovative .KEEP Up the good work!!

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Your space is so great. Where is the rug from? Love the texture.


love this site enjoyed others comments. The picture frames are just wonderful. I have a ton of pictures that would like to frame from traveling.


My Aunt Edna is 96. I would frame a photo of she and my mother (her sister) and gift Aunt Edna with the photo.


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I would get my sons monthly pictures printed!


i would get some prints from our trip to Hawaii printed! So many lush greens and blues!!


YES i will try it. I can’t wait!
Thank you!

Korin A.

Gorgeous space and great DIY! Can I ask you about your floors? If you installed them, I’d love to know the brand and make? I am in Canada mind you so I don’t know if they’d be available here but you never know. We’re renovating our next home and have decided to go with light floors throughout. Thanks!


What a great idea to transform the frames – will definitely need to try it. Thanks.


LOVE THIS. I have been wanting to get some recent shots of our latest beach trip printed/framed and this would be the perfect way!


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happy early weekend - almost makes perfect

Can you just come decorate and style my whole house? Your living room looks amazing and your styling is always perfect! I’d love to have some photos from my trip to California printed and framed!


Gosh, your living room is gorgeous and looks like a very well-done and lived-in showroom! I love the DIY leather frames too <3 very chic!


I’d have some photos from our trip to Europe printed and framed!


The room looks great. Photos of our animals and my son has great photos from Japan I have always wanted to do something with. Thanks

Pat Schwab

Loving the awesome living room! Your style and photography is seriously always awesome! The frames are adorable btw 🙂


I’ve been working on a gallery wall for my room. This may be a cool addition!


I love all the bright colors and modern pieces in your living room! What a beautiful space!



I have used Mpix for many years and really like their prices and quality. I would order another canvas print probably.

Leslie Davis

Whoa, I LOVE this room! I don’t know how you’ve managed to cram so much personality into it, yet still keep it feeling open and spacious. Nice job!


Love this look! What a great idea!

Becky @dempsterlogbook

Ahh it looks so amazing! I love the pops of color your beautiful prints add to the space. And your bookshelf styling is so on-point!!

Kevin | Thou Swell

Love your house and this idea!! Can’t wait to make use of mpix!


Your living room looks amazing!!
And the leather frames are so out of the ordinary, love them!

Corina Nika

Wow this looks super easy and slick. and the pictures are great quality

Samira Allion

I have a wedding photo that I’d love to have printed and framed. And hey, DIY some leather on it and it would be perfect for our gallery wall!


I would frame a picture of my husband and I in the snow for our first winter!

sam swope

Huhuuu, I’d frame inspirational quotes or wedding pictures 🙂


I would have our family portrait photos framed. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

Erin Ellis

I love the frame idea! so much cheaper than buying real wooden frame. Must try that!!


i would love to frame a picture of our two cats…we do not have any displayed in any way. i also have a great one of our male cat “chatting” with his buddy, a sandhill crane, through the window. (the crane pecks on the window if the cat isn’t visible and the cat comes running)


love the leather frame looks!

Laura b

This is so cool! I’d probably print some candids of me and my family. I moved away from home recently and don’t have any family pictures of my own. Either that, or pictures of my friends. I love being surrounded by pictures of the people that mean the most to me.


I would love to have a photo from my trip to Ireland framed!


I love your space! It is so warm and cheerful! And those leather frames are so creative and different–never have seen anything like that!

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