Make This: Boho Bunting Tutorial with a Personal Touch

By Brittni • Updated on 02/12/2024

Guest post by Laura of Violet Bella and Violet Bella’s World.

This eclectic boho bunting is the perfect way to accessorize any space in your home in a very personal way. Make sure to include items that have meaning to you. I used to heirloom doilies and fabric pieces passed down from family members, along with things that are sentimental to me like feathers. You can add this bunting in a window or doorway, on your mantel, or even just hang it on the wall…

Here’s your supply list:

1. trim, ribbon or really anything for the main part 2. trinkets, ie: doilies, photos, buttons, feathers, etc. 3. scissors 4. needle & thread or sewing machine

Here’s how you make it:

1. Sew any parts the need to go together first. My vintage lace was too short, so I sewed 3 peices together to make it longer. I also needed to sew the pom poms on the velvet strip.

2. Once all of your little pieces are put together, lay it all out on a large flat surface and place everything where you want it to go. This is the fun part. Change things up until you get it just right in your eyes.

3. If you want to add a photo (or bookmark like i did), all you need is a hole puncher and yarn. I just tied it in a loop in one of the holes of the lace.

4. Pin all of your pieces down so you dont lose their perfect place. I like to pin it all at once so I dont have to keep coming back to the table for each piece.

5. I used vintage ribbon to create two loops on the end for hanging. You can use anything, yarn, string, ribbon, etc.

6. For the feather, I just used a needle and thread and pulled it right through the stem, and attached it to the lace. I wanted it to dangle, so I left a space between the feather and trim.

7. Then all you have to do is find the perfect spot in your home for your new little bunting! I love this bunting so much more than a typical fabric bunting (not knocking them, i love them too)… just b/c it can be so personal with your own stuff. Use stuff that has alot of meaning to you, and you will enjoy it so much when you walk past it and are reminded of great memories!

If you make a bunting, Id love to see it!

Laura wrote this post. She is the talent behind Violet Bella, a shop featuring handmade jewelry and clothing. And Laura is also the editor of Violet Bella’s World.

Thank you so much Laura for this unique bunting tutorial!

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This is so cute! I absolutly love this idea. I’m going to get started on mine 🙂 Thanks.


Very nice!

Hannah S.

This is gorgeous! What a good idea. Thanks for posting!

Jutta@Organized Living Solutions

I love the photos too. Laura did a great job. Her products shots for her jewelry line are equally lovely.


Very cute! I love the photos for this tute also; very pretty. :o)

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