Make This: Fresh Flower Napkin Ring // Dinner Party DIY

By Brittni • Updated on 02/23/2024

napkin ring diy with fresh flowers

Clearly, my love for flowers runs deep. And when combined with a DIY element, I tend to get a little crazy as far as excitement goes. But I’ll try to keep my composure with today’s DIY. Promise.

This project is actually from a while back, but I never shared it because…well, I forgot. It’s an easy one, but it can make a big impact for an intimate dinner party (as we get ready for the holidays) or get together: how to make fresh floral napkin rings. The concept is similar to my framed flower mirror, but on a much, much smaller scale.

The full tutorial can be found right here on Project Wedding, but here’s the gist before you click over…

wedding DIY // fresh flower napkin ring

I was thinking that if you found a larger metal ring to use, this would totally work as a bangle bracelet too – as an alternative to a corsage at a wedding or a fun jewelry piece for a party, etc.

And of course, you can customize it with whatever colors you want (based on the season) by choosing different flowers. My only recommendation is to stick to small blooms for this one, otherwise it starts to look weird. And nobody wants that.


floral napkin ring diy for dinner parties

What do you think? Would you make a few of these for a small gathering with friends?

For more DIYs like this one, visit the DIY projects and tutorials page.

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I love it, they are very minimalist and original.

Ideas para fiestas

Thanks !


Hi Judi. You can buy them on Amazon. Here’s the link:


Gorgeous. I’m going to make these with flowers from my garden when the winter is over!
Where can I buy rings like this? Michaels?


These would be very pretty for my daughter’s Alice in Wonderland themed bridal shower!! Not sure if I would use fresh or artificial flowers. Thanks!!


[…] 1. Quizá éste sea el DIY más elaborado. Necesitamos algo de alambre, flores bonitas y un poco de celo. No apto para mesas con más de seis comensales, si no queremos tardar más tiempo en hacer estos servilleteros que en asar un cochinillo al modo segoviano. Una propuesta de Paper & Stitch. […]

Ideas de servilleteros DIY

Thanks Katy and Diana. They could definitely be used for ANY occasion you can think of, which is one of the things I love about ’em. And I appreciate you pinning the project Diana. Thanks!


What a great DIY! Easy and affordable, we will be sharing with our DIY brides on our DIY Flower Projects pinterest board!

Diana from

These are just adorable. Could be used for so many occasions 🙂


They are super simple! You should definitely give ’em a try, Rox.


omg – kind of obsessing over these! and they look pretty simple to do! great diy.


Thanks Rachel. Will do. Flower DIYs are pretty much my favorite thing to make for P&S (and they come the easiest too).


These are beautiful Brittni! Please keep these flower DIYs coming, you’ve got a knack!

Rachel | 52 Weeks Project

Thanks Kelly! I definitely was digging the bright colors on this one.


LOVE these colors, Britt!

Kelly @ Studio DIY

Thanks Jessica. 🙂 You’re always so sweet with your comments….Makes me smile.


Love this! So beautiful! Your mix of florals are gorgeous!

Jessica (Coco & Mingo)

Thanks ladies. Really appreciate the kind words.


So lovely!!!!! I’ll definitely be doing this next time I have a dinner party!

Ladyface Blog


These are sooo perfect! Love them


These are absolutely charming…

carol stanley

very pretty! great color choices too


Thanks Melissa. I agree with you on the intimate dinner party thing…These are probably best made in small batches (makes it feel more special that way too). OR if someone is thinking of these for a wedding, maybe just reserve them for the bride and groom (and maybe the wedding party/ family) as a little something extra.


LOVE these!! Great selection of blooms. Definitely more of an intimate dinner party thing.

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