Make This: Spiked Gold + Turquoise Cuff DIY

By Brittni • posted on 02/13/2024


There have been a lot of fun things and opportunities popping up behind the scenes around here lately and I wanted to share one of ’em with you this morning…

I recently partnered with Darby Smart again (remember the modern plaster votive kit I created with them a while back?) and the folks at Jewelmint to create a DIY jewelry kit that is a little bit rocker and a little bit chic. It’s a slight departure from what I might normally wear, jewelry-wise, but the colors bring it back to ‘this is so me’ territory. How can you go wrong with gold and muted turquoise? Wear it with jeans and a t-shirt or something more fancy, for a totally different look. Here’s what’s included in the kit…

kit supplies

You can check out the limited edition kit right here and browse the other jewelry kits that are available from bloggers like Cyd from The Sweetest Occasion and Justina from Justina Blakeney.

P.S. If spikes aren’t your thing, I created another jewelry kit that may be more your jam…If you like faceted pieces and geometric stuff, check this one out.

Have you ever purchased a DIY kit like this before? Curious to know what you think of this concept.

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I really love those colors, and it looks pretty simple to make! Beautiful kit.


How stunning!!!!!

Nicki Traikos

Thanks Jessie, Kelly, and Stephanie. And Kel – I know what you mean about the studs…but once they’re painted, I feel like they have a softer look to them, which I like a lot more.


oh that looks really nice and is a sweet and unique accessoire 🙂
and the colors in this one are great!


Loving those colors, B! I’m not usually a stud girl, but I’ve seen a few DIYs with painted studs lately and I may just need to try it out!

Kelly @ Studio DIY

Cool DIY!
xx Stephanie (


Ha! It’s so funny because when I was making this bracelet, I started thinking to myself, “I think Chelsea would totally wear this.” It looked like you to me.


YES! That is fierce. I love it.

Chelsea C.

Aw. Thanks Necole. I had a blast putting it together/ designing the pieces that I contributed. Glad you like it.


This is awesome!

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