Make This: Ink Blot Gift Bags for the Holidays

By Brittni • Updated on 11/08/2023

Holiday Packaging DIY // ink blot gift bags

I have to admit, I really like non-traditional packaging when it comes to the holidays (or any occasion really). I don’t know why, but that’s how it goes around here. So when December hits, I try to come up with some unique way to package things”¦which seems to almost always boil down to handmade gift toppers or stamped wrapping paper or unusual gift tags, etc.

But this year, I found some brightly colored gift bags that inspired me to embellish gifts in a different way – with ink blots. Well, it’s actually paint not ink, but paint blots don’t really have the same ring to it. Do they?

These little guys are perfect for housing small gifts for the holidays, especially when you add an evergreen embellishment. But these are also great to use for birthday presents, hostess gifts, etc.

Unique Holiday Packaging DIY


1. small gift bags

2. white acrylic paint

3. glitter ribbon

4. craft glue or transparent tape

How To:

1. Start by randomly squirting small drops of paint onto one side (right to left) of a colorful gift bag.

2. Then fold the gift bag in half long ways, like a hot dog bun. Apply some pressure to make sure the paint attaches. Then open it back up to reveal your inkblot design. Set aside and let the bag air dry.

3. Once the paint is dry, it’s time to add a handle. Cut two 4-5 inch pieces of ribbon and attach the ends of each to the inside of the bag (one ribbon on each side) with glue or tape. Add tissue paper and greenery and you’re good to go.

Holiday DIY // gift bags

Holiday Gift Bags DIY with or without handles

Ink Blot Packaging for the Holidays

DIY // Ink Blot Bags

colorful ink blot bags

How are you planning to wrap your holiday gifts this year? Anything DIYed?

Photography Sarah Eddy // Concept and styling Brittni Mehlhoff

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Love all of your projects! I still have your stamped napkins in mind…I was reminded when you shared the gift wrap above. But, where were you when I was in grad school for clinical psych? Those inkblot gift bags would have been perfect!


Wow what a cute idea! I have kraft paper bags that would be perfect for something like this.


Ink blots were so fun as a child! I would definitely do this as a project with toddlers to help them feel more involved.


Thanks Kel. The bag colors felt very Studio DIY to me. I was thinking that while making them. That’s normal right?


This is such a brilliant idea! I love the colors you chose, too.

Kelly @ Studio DIY

SOOO clever!
I have been thinking about doing this for artwork.


I love hearing what people see in these blots, Jenna. It’s so fun…I made a few more bags that weren’t photographed and saw the weirdest things in them. Ha!


They are quite lovely! They remind me a bit of bunnies 🙂
Jenna x


Thanks Jessica. You have an amazing eye for design, so I really appreciate the kind words. 🙂


Oh I agree! I love non-traditional packaging…but I’m not the best at thinking them up lol! These are really great Brittni! I love how easy it is…and so artsy!!

Jessica (Coco & Mingo)

Good point Nueyer. They would be a great project for kids to get involved with.


That’s an easy and unique idea! This would also make for an interesting experiment for kids too 🙂

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