63 Awesome DIY Gifts for Everyone on Your List + What’s your Favorite Gift You’ve Ever Received?!

63 (really awesome) gift ideas for everyone on your holiday list this year. There's ideas for the cook, the crafter, the beauty expert, the fashionista, etc, etc. #giftguide #holidayshopping #christmas #holiday #shopping #gift #holidaygift

With a little over a week until Christmas, I wanted to put together a really big list of DIY gift ideas for the holidays before it gets too late. Only 2 weekends left! How is that even possible?!

I may have gotten a little carried away though because I almost fell asleep putting it together. Ha! For real though! There are so many good DIY gift ideas on the list this year – 63 projects to be exact! So there will be no excuse for not finding something to make for a friend or family member this holiday season.

Alright, roll up those sleeves and open up that crafting drawer! Here are 63 really good DIY gift ideas for the holiday season! P.S. I’m also dying to know what your favorite gift you ever received is! I shared mine after the jump, and I’d love to hear yours too.

Okay, before we jump into the big list of DIY holiday gifts, I want to ask you: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE GIFT THAT YOU’VE EVER RECEIVED?! I’m truly dying to know! I’m always so curious to know what personal stories people share for this question. And I’ll even go first, so that you don’t feel intimidated.

Here’s mine… My favorite gift that I’ve ever received was one that Jeff made for me on my birthday. He’s probably going to be so embarrassed that I’m sharing this, but here’s the story… We’d been dating for about a year at that point, and already living together. Clearly, not the traditional couple around here. Ha!  And he hand lettered a little poster for me, that said all these really sweet things, with some drawings and doodles too. We met in an art class, so these kinds of things were especially fitting at the time.

He hung it on the wall after I went to sleep, so it would be hanging up in the morning. And it was the sweetest thing to wake up to. And by far my favorite gift ever. Now, it may not sound like much to get worked up over. I don’t think I’m doing it justice in describing, so that’s my fault. But I still think about it to this day. I kick myself ALL the time over the fact that I don’t still have it. I think it got lost in one of our many moves over the years. But I’ll always have that memory at least.

Your turn! What’s your pick for your all-time favorite gift you’ve received?! Let me know in the comments below. And while you’re thinking about it…

Here’s that list of  63 DIY holiday gifts I promised:

1. DIY leather stamped flasks

2. DIY mini beaded rings from Fall for DIY

3. DIY woven leather basket from Hello Glow

4. printable inspirational sayings prints

5. DIY pom pom earrings from Honestly WTF

6. DIY concrete photo holder (also works as a paperweight)

7. simple DIY shirt idea

8. upper ring finger DIY from A Pair and a Spare

9. colorful concrete vase DIY

10. brass ring hanging planter DIY from A Beautiful Mess

11. DIY grapefruit sugar scrub from Fall for DIY

12. DIY statements tassels for bags, etc

13. DIY wire plant stand from The Merrythought

14. DIY potholders / hot pads

15. painterly art prints (free download)

16. DIY macrame bag from A Pair and a Spare

17. DIY rollup organizer for craft supplies

18. DIY earring dome organizer from Almost Makes Perfect

19. DIY bug patch boots from Honestly WTF

20. DIY apron (sew it in 10 minutes)

21. DIY punch rug artwork from Fall for DIY

22. DIY painter shoes

23. DIY cross body bag

24. gold statement earrings DIY from A Beautiful Mess

25. DIY terrazzo soap for Fall for DIY

26. DIY gold leaf planters from Honestly WTF

27. DIY shoe makeovers with paint

28. DIY triangle leather pouch from Almost Makes Perfect

29. dyed faux fur rug DIY

30. denim clutch DIY

31. DIY wire portrait from The House that Lars Built

32. DIY scented soy candles

33. DIY weekender / gym bag from A Beautiful Mess

34. DIY marbled jewelry dishes

35. limited ingredient natural lip balm DIY

36. DIY weaving loom (in two sizes)

37. hand lettered wall art DIY

38. DIY color blocked clock from Almost Makes Perfect

39. DIY dyed hankies (and anything else you can think to dye)

40. DIY pom pom beanies

41. DIY polymer knot paperweight from Fall for DIY

42. 2 ingredient lip gloss pots

43. DIY skinny bow tie (for men and women)

44. DIY bath salts three ways

45. fringe jean jacket DIY

46. large scale weaving hack

47. DIY leather luggage tags from Almost Makes Perfect

48. DIY tassel earrings from A Pair and a Spare

49. DIY paper leather tote from Sugar & Cloth

50. DIY triangle mirror from The Merrythought

51. DIY good vibes clutch (a break down on DIY hand lettering)

52. DIY wood and leather notebooks

53. DIY fruit earrings from The House that Lars Built

54. DIY hanging planter hack

55. DIY stamped metal bracelets

56. DIY linen eye mask from A Pair and a Spare

57. DIY earring stand from The Merrythought

58. DIY rainbow photo collage from Studio DIY

59. DIY mini planters (and how to dye plaster)

60. DIY beaded mittens from The House that Lars Built


62. DIY geo-shaped cutting boards

63. DIY embroidered sweater from Lovely Indeed


Are you a fan of DIY gift ideas for the holidays?! What’s your pick for your all-time favorite gift you’ve received?!










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I love post, thank for sharing all ideas are so cute

The pink pineapple

Thanks Pink Pineapple. 🙂 Happy Saturday!


These are good gift ideas. The throw blanket is a really good idea.

Courtney Hardy

So many cool and beautiful gifts, thank you for this awesome list!


Hi Brittni,
All 63 gift ideas are amazing. 😍😍😍😍
I love DIY mini beaded rings. Are they made of stone?
Advanced thanks to getting a reply from you.

Sharon Smith

My favourite gift ever was a red hair dryer given to me by my youngest son the Christmas before he tragically drowned on holiday the next July aged 7yrs 4 months. That was 34yrs ago and I still have it and it still works, 🎅

Patricia Harris
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