Make This: Plaster Numbers DIY

By Brittni • posted on 02/13/2024

Okay, I’m finally home from Alt Summit (24 hours, a delayed flight, a missed connection, and a few tears later) and I am fully planning on sharing all the details from the week, but first I wanted to share a DIY I did for Project Wedding that actually became a part of my business cards for Alt…

Instead of the numbers you see here, I used a letter mold and handed out a tiny plaster letter to a handful of my blog buddies (and soon to be buds). A lot of people asked how I made the little guys, so I thought I would link to my Project Wedding tutorial for plaster escort card wedding favors. I made the letters the same exact way.

To find out how to make these plaster numbers or letters on your own (it’s really easy), visit my tutorial for Project Wedding.

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That is a great idea- I would imagine plaster would adhere to almost anything with some crazy glue. Brilliant! Thanks again!


Hmmm…in that case, I think the best way to do it would be to attach the plaster numbers to a hard surface with glue before placing them in a bag (or something along those lines). That way the numbers won’t get mixed up when you have double digits.


Such a cute idea!! How did you do table with double digits? Would love to try this for our wedding but we have like 21 tables


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These are so cute, Brittni–I love my letter M!

Great to meet you last week!


Thanks Monsterscircus.

And thank you so much Brittany! Right back at you.


this was nuts! you are the bomb dot com!


So wonderful and lovely tutorial so awsome, thank you so much!


Thanks Kelly! I really appreciate that. You are rocking your DIYs hard these days with great styling, so that means a lot…And I’m off to check out your heart piñata DIY!


Love these so much Brittni! The styling is awesome!

Kelly @ Studio DIY

Thanks Emily. 🙂


These are so cute! Great DIY.

Emily s.

RT @papernstitch: Make This: Plaster Numbers DIY: Okay, I’m finally home from Alt Summit (24 hours, a delayed…

Jess [GuerillaGirl] (@guerillagirl)

Make This: Plaster Numbers DIY: Okay, I’m finally home from Alt Summit (24 hours, a delayed…

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