On the Cheap: Peonies Wedding Bouquet

By Brittni • posted on 06/08/2010

Last Friday, Jeff and I flew out to Michigan for my mom’s wedding in Ann Arbor. Luckily the weather held out (it rained right after we were done taking pictures after the ceremony) and we had a great time. There were only seven of us there and my brother and I took the pictures and I made my mom’s bouquet.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a lot of great shots of it because my camera was on the wrong setting, but it turned out really nice and didn’t cost a single dime. The entire bouquet was made from plants and flowers we picked from my mom’s backyard. We grabbed some beautiful peonies from her garden and then just little filler greens from the bushes.

The photo above is the finished product, although you can only see half of it. And the one below is the bouquet in progress, where you can see a bit more of the top, before I added the rest of the greenery.

This one was so much easier to make than the ones I made for my own wedding last year. I just started out with a single, large bud and then worked it from there, being sure to cross each stem at an angle (like an X) every time. We finished it off with an antique doily and that was it. A wedding bouquet that cost no money at all.

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Very beautiful peony wedding bouquet! Simple yet elegant too!

Peonies Wedding

What a beautiful bouquet you made for your Moms wedding. It really is beautiful!

Fresh Cut Peonies

what a gorgeous bouquet! must have been fragrant too. peonies are remarkable!


These peonies are gorgeous. They are my favorite flower. I grow them in my yard. These bouquets are perfect for a wedding. Thanks for sharing.


I’m an avid do-it-yourselfer, so making your own bouquets makes sense. I have fond memories (albeit…somewhat hectic) of me and my bridesmaids running around the grocery store the morning of my wedding, buying all the bouquets in our autumn colors. We reassembled them ourselves and took out all the baby’s breath. We made all the boutonnieres and corsages out of the extra greenery, a potted mum, and dusty miller. The plus?? Our flowers were lovely! And we only spent $75! But free flowers from your garden?? Even better.


Thanks ladies. Oh wow Laura. Love the bouquet you made.


Congrats! This is a very pretty and meaningful bouquet!


Gorgeous! I also made a peony and hosta bouquet for my mom’s wedding two weekends ago! My photos aren’t nearly as pretty though…. here’s a quick shot of the bouquet (not finished yet!) http://bit.ly/awmnDo

Laura (Curry Kay Designs)

I recently decided peonies are my favorite flower. this just confirms that! That bouquet is gorgeous!

a Beautiful Party

Beautiful bouquet! I have white peonies just like those that grow in my yard (also in Michigan), and they made every room in my home look and smell gorgeous the last two weeks.

Looks like a lovely day! Congratulations to your mom!!

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