Pack This: What I’m Packing for My Beach Trip

By Brittni • Updated on 02/14/2024

Beach Trip Travel Essentials

This morning, Jeff and I are hopping on a plane and heading to sunny St. Thomas for the week. I’m really excited to get some sand between my toes and explore the islands, but before we head out, I thought it would be fun to share a few of the things I packed for our trip.

We challenged ourselves to pack everything in one suitcase, that would include everything that both Jeff and I would need for the whole week, because…well..why not? So, I tried to pack light and just bring essentials that I can wear the majority of the trip.

This isn’t everything I’m bringing, but here are a handful of my favorites…

Madwell Sandals + Instax

Beach Trip Travel Essentials

Instax Mini // Falcon Wright Clutch // Bossypants by Tina Fey (have been reading this off an on for way to long – it’s funny if you’re looking for a laugh) // Coveted Things Blanket Scarf // Oliver Peoples Sunglasses (Jacey in Pecan Pie with Umber Gradient) // Loquita Travel Tote // Madewell Sandals

Vest from Madewell in Army Green

Travel Essentials // Casual Beach Trip

Floppy Hat // Chambray Button Down (Similar) // Madewell Safari Vest // Rachel Comey Sandals // Emily Green Necklace

Madewell Vest for the Beach

Colorful Travel Tote + Sunnies

Rachel Comey Sandals for the Beach

Of course, I forget to include a few things I would have liked to share…like my bathing suit, my new beach towel, and this awesome Clare Vivier tote that Jeff got me for my birthday (dang, he has good taste).

But hey, I included most of my other favorites. And I’m sure I’ll be posting a bunch of stuff to Instagram over the next week too. Which reminds me…Follow me on Insta to follow along on my trip.

Photography by Sarah Eddy // Styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

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Thanks Amalia. The background is a large light grey mat board. In this case, I set everything up on our covered front porch (and styled it) and Sarah took the photos. Typically, I shoot projects and things on a table inside, by a window, but because these items were pretty large, we needed more light.


I love everything that you have here! Where do you take your pictures – did you make a background? I love your pictures too. Also, those sunglasses. I’m dying for them.


Thanks Dani. I haven’t finished Bossypants yet, but I’ve really been enjoying it. I read a little bit every time I’m on a plane. So it’s been a slow process for me, but I’ve been catching up the last few days when we’ve been hanging out by the pool. Hoping to finish it on this trip.


Love everything you’re packing! I just finished Bossypants – it’s so good, I was kind of sad to reach the end! lol 🙂


Love my Instax, Amanda. It’s small enough to fit in my purse, tote, backpack, etc. I would definitely recommend it.


I’ve been wanting one of those Instax mini’s !!! How are they? I love that axe tote you have — I wish I could find it; I just love the shape of it so much.


Love my Instax, Anna. You should definitely get one. Amazon has a pretty good price on them too.


I love this! I have been dying for one of those Insta cameras!!

Anna S.

Aw, thanks Rachel.


Such beautiful photos; your styling is out of this world! Have a wonderful trip!

Rachel | The Crafted Life

It really is a good read. Isn’t it, Katelyn?


I absolutely love Bossypants! Packing light for trips is always an important concept for me as well. Cute items!
Katelyn // Relatively Offbeat


Hi Daania. I’m still breaking in the sandals – so I’d say the verdict is still out on how comfy they are. But I think once they’re broken in, they’ll be perfect.


Loooove the sandals! They would be great to jazz up a plain outfit! How comfy are they? :3


Glad to hear that Mia. Have fun beach camping. That sounds cool.


Oh this is so much of an inspiration! I’m going to go beach camping soon and this helps lots.
I love it!

themiasalazar | the suburb scenes


Thanks Giada. Those sandals are a new favorite of mine. And of course, I love a good hat as well. 🙂


Love the look of both the sandals and the hat! I’m now craving a little trip so badly!

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