7 Pom Pom DIYs to Try This Weekend

By Brittni • posted on 01/10/2018

Pom pom DIY ideas! These weekend project ideas are dedicated to the craft technique that just won't quit: pom poms! Here are 7 DIY pom pom ideas that look chic AF. #pompom #diy #weekendproject #pom #yarn

The colder it gets during the winter months, the more time I want to spend my time indoors, preferably by a fire or something along those lines. And while we don’t currently have a fireplace in our apartment (or at the studio), I figured I tried to cozy up with some DIY projects instead.

And since one of the easiest things to make when cozied up under said fire is a pom pom, this week’s DIY roundup is focused on these cozy AF little thingys. All you need a tiny plastic tool or scrap cardboard, along with some yarn and you’re in business.

Here are 7 pom pom DIYs to try this weekend!

1. DIY pom pom blouse from The House that Lars Built
2. pom pom scarf DIY from Sugar & Cloth
3. pom pom DIY ottoman
4. DIY pom pom shoes from The House that Lars Built
5. pom pom magnets DIY from A Beautiful Mess
6. pom pom napkin rings from Studio DIY
7. DIY pom pom beanies

Anyone else noticing the pom pom trend still going strong in the new year? I mean there’s definitely a way to do it right and then there’s all those over-the-top fails that we’d all like to forget about as quickly as possible. None of those were included in this roundup, of course.

P.S. We made it through the first week of 2018! How are you feeling so far this year?!

Hope you have a happy weekend.









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I will try it at home because I like the pom pom top.

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Glad to hear that Pink Pineapple and Baiba.


Pom Poms and polka dots are mu passion. These ideas is like dream for me 🙂



The pink pineapple

Thanks Sofia. Happy to hear you like my pom pom ottoman. 🙂


Definitely loving that pom pom ottoman! So cute!!

xo, Sofia


Love the scarf too, Michelle. Ashley (Sugar and Cloth) is the queen of pom poms. 🙂


I love that pom poms are so bright and cheerful, the perfect thing for grey winter days! Love the scarf idea!


I think that one looks really easy, Courtney. I bet you’d be pleasantly surprised. 🙂


I love the pom pom top. I want to make that but i feel like i would screw it up.

Courtney Hardy
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