Prop Shop: 7 Things I Bought (in Austin)

By Brittni • posted on 02/14/2024

Prop Shop: 7 Things I Bought (in Austin)

I’ve been collecting items for the next installment of Prop Shop, where I share recent things I’ve purchased (for shoots or otherwise).

And after my trip to Austin, I realized I have more than enough to share again. I might have gone a little overboard on that trip with buying props. But I’ll use them eventually. I pinkie swear.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve been buying lately…

Brass geo rings from 340

1. I found the most amazing brass towel holders too, by 340…and I’m turning them into something else (can’t wait to share).

Blue and white striped floor mat

2. So in love with this mini floor rug that I bought at Spartan Shop.

Prop Shop: 7 Things I Bought (in Austin)

3-5. Those macrame rings are trivets, from a shop called Kettle & Brine. Really cool shop! The peach and blue postcards are from Nannie Inez. And the gold spoon is from Take Heart.

If you’re in Austin and you go to Take Heart, be sure to stop by Olive – it’s right across the street about a half block up. It was my FAVORITE shop in all of Austin… and I actually bought a few things from there too. But they didn’t really match the other pieces, so I left them out of the post. Bought these Young Frankk earrings and a top from Whit.

Japanese espresso cups

6-7. The Japanese espresso cups! They’re from a shop called Take Heart and were only $15 each…I don’t know why I only got two. 🙁  And the mustard napkins are from Kettle & Brine.

Colorful matches

Photography Amelia Tatnall Lawrence
Styling Brittni Mehlhoff

Last but not least… Technically, I didn’t buy these matches in Austin, so I didn’t count them as one of the seven. BUT they were a recent purchase, so I wanted to share.

I found them at a local shop called Archer Paper Goods. Well, no that’s not true – Ash actually was the one who found them, when everyone was visiting from out of town, but she couldn’t take them back in her carry-on, so I bought ’em.

Which piece is your fave? And have you ever been to Austin? What are some of your favorite shops to visit?

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I thought the cups were a little pricey….but that’s just cheapo me. I’m with the “shop at thrift shops” whenever the chance comes up. Doesn’t take much to get me into one. Specially on a trip.


Just Love those towel holders, just fab!

School Supplies

Ohhh!! Love everything you bought, especially the towel holders! Can’t wait to see what you come up with. 🙂 x


daaaaang i am OBSESSED with those espresso cups.

molly — almost makes perfect

I’m so excited to see your upgrade of the brass towel holders. I love the espresso cups! x

Jessica — NinetyCo


Those brass towel holders are so fabulous! I can’t wait to see what you turn them into.


The towel holders are really really cool!


I love all these props, you have such a good eye! I normally buy props in local charity shops, they are so cheap and I feel like I’m doing my bit for charity!

Rachael xx.

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