Prop Shop: 7 Things I Bought this Week

By Brittni • posted on 02/14/2024


One of my favorite, FAVORITE pastimes is searching for new props. I don’t know what it is about this act that does it for me, but it really, really does.

Even when I was in Paris and Amsterdam, walking around the city, I was most excited and inspired by the shops that I went into – the little cafes that sold cool books I had never heard of, the endless amounts of amazing housewares stores, etc, etc.

So, I thought it would be fun to share some of the things I’ve purchased lately and give you a little insight into my personal prop shop. Together, these pieces may seem a little random, but individually they’re the perfect addition to my ever-growing collection. Here are 7 things I bought this week…

Red handle paint brush

1. The paint brush was $5 from a little antique store outside of Atlanta. The man behind the counter confessed that when they bought it, they thought it was African, but as it turns out, it totally wasn’t. I just liked the shape of it, so at that price, provenance wasn’t high on my list of needs.

Mini coil basket set

2. A set of two coil nesting baskets (the little one was $1.50 and the big one was $2). I like this coil basket even more, but it’s a bit more pricey.

Dollar sign stencil + arch cutting board

3. The dollar sign stencil was $3 – bought it from the same place as the paint brush.

4. The cutting board! I confess…I didn’t actually buy this item recently. I bought it in Amsterdam a couple months back, but I really, really like it. And I thought you might too. It’s made by one of my fave brands, HAY.

Black enamel pitcher + ceramic creamer

5. A black enamel vintage pitcher. There’s a little rust near the mouth, but it was $6, so I’m pretty sure I can deal with it.

6. The Dansk creamer was $8. No idea what I’ll use it for, but a suspect something with coffee. 🙂 Found the same exact one on Etsy for a bit more money, if you like what you see. It even has a lid.

Alligator piñata

7. And finally…an alligator piñata, which you can find on Amazon. I like this one too, because it’s weird looking.

I haven’t been much of a pinata kind of girl over the years, BUT you’d be amazed by what I can be convinced of once I slap some googly eyes on something. And that’s exactly what I did, so now I’m pretty fond of this guy. His name is Larry.

Which item is your favorite? What kinds of pieces do you love shopping for most? I’d love to hear!

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What is the name of that antique shop? I love the brush!

Pat Sendelbach

I like the cutting board because it is architectural, linear but also curved, and it has great texture… it is a neutral!

Jan Ross

That paint brush is amazing! I loveee prop shopping. I also use the reasoning of a “prop” to buy more than I intended though, haha


Agreed Courtney! Always fun to shop for these little things.


Prop shopping is always so much fun for us! Especially those random cheap finds! Love the little coil baskets and the vintage pitcher!



A Whimsy Wonderland

Cortney | A Whimsy Wonderland

Haha. Glad to hear that Ali. This may be proof that googly eyes make everything better?! 🙂


I love ALL of these. I think the alligator might be my favorite, especially with the addition of googly eyes.

Ali Murphy

Aren’t they cute, Michelle? I can’t believe how inexpensive they were. I feel like I need to go thrifting every weekend. 🙂


Love the baskets!

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