Read This: Packaging Your Crafts Book

By Brittni • posted on 02/14/2024

Read This // Packaging Book

Today, I’m happy to share that some of my work was featured in a book that was just published by Lark Crafts, called Packaging Your Crafts by Viola Sutanto. It features close to 200 creative packaging ideas, 10 tutorials for specific techniques such as glass etching and image transfer, 13 designer spotlights, downloadable box and label templates, and more.

I definitely appreciate good packaging, and am honored to have a couple of my projects included, so I had Sarah take some photos the last time she was over. Naturally, I styled it up a little bit first.

Read This // Packaging Your Crafts Book

embossed party bags detail from packaging book

Yellow thumbtacks around the office

The two projects of mine that were included are: 1) embossed geometric part favor bags and 2) these home sweet home wood + wallpaper gift tags.

But I was really loving a lot of the other items that were inside this book, as well. Here are some pages from inside the book…




Photography by Sarah Eddy // Styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

If you’re interested in learning more about this book or purchasing, it’s available on Amazon right here and Barnes and Noble.

What books are you into lately? I’m looking for a couple of books to bring me with me on my trip next week. So if you have any suggestions, let me know.

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This book is definitely going on my “wanted” list!
From my end, I’d probably advice something like Marian Keyes “Rachel’s holiday”. It’s hilarious and cute.


I haven’t read that book, Nan. Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll check it out.


Ooh, thank you for sharing this book with us. Congrats on having your projects in the book. For your next trip, have you read Me Before You? I really like the book.


Thanks Kristina and Rebekah.

Lucy- it looks like it’s not currently available for Kindle, but you can always click that little button on the sidebar to tell the publisher you’d like it to be in Kindle form. 🙂


Congratulations on being featured in a book! I love everything about packaging, thank you for sharing. I must check it out!


I wish they had this for kindle!


This looks like a great resource!

Rebekah {aCricketSang}

Thanks Kel.


Congrats, Britt! So exciting!!! Those geo party favor bags are one of my faves!

Kelly @ Studio DIY

Haha. Sounds good Abigail.


hmmmmm I’ll have to add this to my hoard of books! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks Julie.


Congrats on being featured in a book! That’s so awesome. 🙂 I enjoy pretty packaging too, especially making them. Although I’m still new at it.

Julie Claveau

Thanks so much for the book suggestions, Britt. I’ll definitely check ’em out.


i am currently reading ayn rand’s atlas shrugged. it’s very interesting but, to be honest, hard to read in big chunks of time. i love cassandra clares’ city of books. city of lost souls is my next book to read. they are fantasy books. the first one in the series is city of bones. great!

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