Wear This: From the Back of my Closet

By Brittni • posted on 03/04/2024

Remixing my closet with navy + black

Do you ever go through the old clothes in the back of your closet and try them on with newer pieces you love?

I’ve been doing that a lot lately because I have a lot of clothes, but always feel like I have nothing to wear. Do you know that feeling?

So, I’ve been trying to mix and match old and new pieces more to get use out of the things I don’t wear much. And that’s how I ended up with today’s outfit.

I’ve had this top for a while, but had only worn it once because of the fancy-ish collar.

I think it’s the only top I own that I won’t wear a necklace with. 

Which is probably one of these reasons I never wear it. I am a bonafide necklace fiend, after all.

Mixed with black jeans, instead of a skirt, makes it feel a little more casual though. So I’m bringing it into the rotation. At least for now.

Side Note: When I was growing up, there were a few color combo no-nos that I remember: one was navy and black, and the other was brown and black, I think. Now that I’m an adult though, I’ve realized that all of those rules are silly.

And actually, I really like the way navy and black look together. What about you? Do you like this color combo?

Jeweled collar

Navy and Black Outfit with Burgundy Hat

These shoes are from the back of my closet as well…I bought them when we were living in Seattle and I love them (partly because they remind me of our time there), but they’re a little uncomfortable so I don’t wear ’em all that often.

Jeff calls them my witches cauldron shoes. So just picture me stirring up a giant mystery pot of magic when I’m wearing these.

The pants and hat though, I wear all the time (as evidenced here and here).

Michael Jolie oxfords

navy + black with burgundy hat

Wear This // burgundy hat

Hat Toss

Michael Jolie oxford heels

It's a toss up

Photographs by Sarah Eddy

Top // Madewell (similar)

Jeans // BDG

Shoes // Michael Jolie (similar)

Hat // Anthro (similar)

What pieces do you have hidden in the back of your closet that you can bring back into rotation? A pair of shoes? A fancy blouse?

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Oh! Leather backpack? That sounds awesome, Casey.


I always try to wear things from the back of my closet. Most recently I have brought out a leather backpack which I forgot I had!



Thanks Abigail. Bought it on sale at Madewell a while back. Wish it was still available.


I LOVE that shirt!

Abigail Hortegas

Haha. Yes, we are total rebels, Kel.


That gif is so awesome!! I also love navy and black together. Such rebels, we are. 😉

Kelly @ Studio DIY

Thanks Patricia. I thought I would try an animated gif this time, since we took so many photos of me throwing the hat up.


I’m loving so much your top, that’s really a beautiful piece! That picture in movement is just too funny!


Patrícia Marques

Thanks Sara. That hat is definitely my favorite.


It’s great mixing new and old pieces to create fun, new outfits! I love your top and burgundy hat!

Sara Strauss
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