Sage Advice: 9 Reasons to Love The Sage Color Trend

Sage green walls are perfect for soothing neutral bedroom walls. See why sage green is the new neutral of 2018. #sage #green #neutral #paint #color #trends #bedroom

Pinterest has called sage the new neutral of 2018 and I’m really curious to know your take on this color trend?!

Sage is an interesting pick for a ‘neutral’ since its somewhere between a true neutral and a bold color pop. And I’m finding that it’s easy to incorporate into pretty much any home style, which is a check for the pros column. It works for modern homes, Scandinavian abodes, more traditional styles, craftsman, etc.

1. (above) This shade of sage really emphasizes the neutral aspect with strong grey undertones, making it a perfect fit for a space where relaxation is the number one priority. I’m getting more relaxed just looking at it! (Image via 70percentpure)

Add in some soft green hues with unique furniture pieces. See why sage green is the new neutral of 2018. #sage #green #neutral #paint #color #trends #sofa

2. Another way to add a green hue to your space without touching the wall is through furniture, particularly velvet. The hint of green in the sofa feels elegant and soothing. Now if I can just find the perfect circular sofa… (Image via Tine K Home)

 Sage kitchen cabinets are gaining a ton of popularity. See why sage green is the new neutral of 2018. #sage #green #neutral #paint #color #trends #kitchen

3. It’s hard to miss the sage green kitchen cabinet trend these days. It’s literally everywhere! The subtle green tint provides just the right pop of color and pairs well with marbles and other neutrals, so naturally a ton of designers are a fan, as am I. (Image via Domino)

 Add sage green to your walls to create a soothing space. See why sage green is the new neutral of 2018. #sage #green #neutral #paint #color #trends 

4. So of course there’s sage green walls, but have you ever thought to add some texture? Really takes the earthiness of the color up a notch, and I can’t say I hate it. And the minimal bright white furnishings keep it feeling more modern and less country house in England. (Image via IKEA)

Sage green hexagon bathroom tile can give any bathroom a fresh look. See why sage green is the new neutral of 2018. #sage #green #neutral #paint #color #trends #bathroom #tile #hexagon

5. Sage tile backsplash is also surging, and now I know why. Who wouldn’t love an artistic hex tile install like this one? It’s fresh and fun, but not something that will feel dated after a few years. (Image via Designs by Katy)

 Sage green window trim is trending. See why sage green is the new neutral of 2018. #sage #green #neutral #paint #color #trends 

6. If painting your walls sage already feels boring and overdone, get ahead of the trend and try painting your molding instead. The sage becomes more of a statement piece, but still manages to not feel overwhelming. (Image via SFGirlByBay)

I love this Farrow & Ball sage green paint color. See why sage green is the new neutral of 2018. #sage #green #neutral #paint #color #trends 

7. Next up… Keeping it real traditional with a simple wall paint to contrast the bright trim. This space feels fresh and calm  because the sage green tends to be a lighter paint shade, it doesn’t absorb too much of the natural light coming in. And I’m all about light and bright spaces! (Image via Room for Tuesday)

Mix and match hues of sage green for a soothing living space. See why sage green is the new neutral of 2018. #sage #green #neutral #paint #color #trends #sofa

8. Here’s a sage green rug and furniture combo. Nearly every shade of sage is covered in this room – between the chairs, table, and rug. (Image via vtwonen)

From traditional wall paneling to modern kitchens, see why sage green is the new neutral of 2018. #sage #green #neutral #paint #color #trends 

9. And lastly, some sage painted wood paneling to round things out. Side note…see those towels in the background? I have those exact same ones, so you know I had to share this photo. (Image via Cedar + Suede)

So what do you think?! Are you convinced that sage is the new neutral of 2018? Love it or hate it, I want to know your thoughts!

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I love that color trend! Sage is such a pretty color.


Totally agree Courtney!


Beautiful! I also choose this colour for my own home interior ❤

Sahar Maleki

Oh nice Sahar! It’s such a cool color choice.


I’m a big fan of sage (and this blog from afar).
I’m in Australia and I have a ‘heritage’ house that I used approved heritage colours one of which is called ‘tea green’ an almost exact match for the colour shown in image 7 – it is such a warm and versatile colour.


This is just the perfect wall colour, wow! Now I want to repaint my kitchen!


This new Sage is very similar to what was called Avocado and Light Avocado back in the early 1970’s. Refrigerators and stoves were manufactured for kitchens. I had this color in my bedroom once. Seeing it for kitchen cabinets set me in a time warp.


I never thought to use sage for a neutral color! This is a great idea for when you want small hints of color. Love this idea!


Sage has always been a favorite of mine. Extremely forgiving when combining with other colors yey unmistakably unique !


I personally love it and had just been looking at this color for my great room…and master bath…it works well with a deep charcoal and earthy colors! The only downside, IMO, is I have lived through sage a few years ago…LOL


Love using sage as a relaxing colour. With the grey it looks fantastic! Rounded sage furniture is great for a sitting room or living room as a space to use to relax at the end of a long day. Thanks for the great post!


Do you have swatches and paint companies with “sage” choices you like?
I’m a huge Farrow and Ball fan, and would love to know if you have a colour to recommend?

Stacy Saman

Hi Stacy. That’s a good question. Magnolia makes a pretty sage color paint: And so do Farrow and Ball, Behr, and Sherwin-Williams (can’t think of the names of those right now, but hopefully the Magnolia one will get you started). 🙂

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