Donut Talk to Me (Until I’ve Had my Parfait) A Recipe for National Donut Day

Donut Parfaits! This donut recipe is perfect for National Donut Day. #donuttime #donuts #uniqueparfaits #yum #donutrecipe

Today is National Donut Day (!!!) and while I typically don’t celebrate the crazy food holidays anymore, it didn’t feel right to let this one pass me by. I love donuts too much to let it go.

So, today I’m sharing a recipe for layered donut parfaits! Because if you’re going to eat donuts, you might as well mix in a little fresh fruit to balance things out. Click through for the recipe.

Yum! A donut parfait recipe for National Donut Day (June 1st). #nationaldonutday #donuts #parfait #uniqueparfait #dessertrecipe #fruitparfait

Donut Parfaits (makes 1 serving)

  • 1 glazed donut or 4 glazed donut holes
  • 5 oz vanilla yogurt or pudding (or whipped cream or custard)
  • 1 cup of chopped fruit of your choice (we used strawberry, mango, and kiwi)

Begin by chopping the donuts and fruit into small (quarter or dime size) pieces. Using a parfait cup, begin layering your ingredients starting with the donuts, then pudding and then fruit. Repeat until you fill the parfait cup.

Instagram friendly… For a more photo-worthy parfait, use a squeeze bottle, like this, to layer the pudding to get more control of where the pudding is going.

Donut parfaits for National Donut Day! #yum #donutrecipe #donuts #parfaits

A donut parfait recipe for National Donut Day (June 1st). #nationaldonutday #donuts #parfait #uniqueparfait #dessertrecipe #fruitparfait

A donut parfait recipe for National Donut Day (June 1st). #nationaldonutday #donuts #parfait #uniqueparfait #dessertrecipe

Photography Brittni Mehlhoff

How do you plan to celebrate National Donut Day?! Think you’ll give these donut parfaits a try?

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What a perfect summer dessert, that looks so delicious!


Those parfaits look so good! I want to make some now.

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