Great Scott! A Travel Guide to Scottsdale, AZ

By Brittni • posted on 02/14/2024

A Travel Guide to Scottsdale, AZ

Last weekend, I took a quick trip to Scottsdale to visit a few friends and just get away for a long weekend.

I had never been to Scottsdale or Phoenix before (at least that I can remember), so I really didn’t know what to expect. But it ended up being great.

It was really fun and there were a surprising amount of good restaurants, some cute shops, and several great places to stay.

SO, if you’re thinking about visiting the Scottsdale or Pheonix area any time soon, I have some suggestions for you, based on what we did during out 4 day trip…

Warning: Be prepared for lots of colorful photos!

A Travel Guide to Scottsdale, AZ

A Travel Guide to Scottsdale, AZ

Here’s the breakdown of the places we visited and what I would recommend if you’re planning a trip of you own…

Places to Eat in Scottsdale

Flower Child

We ate lunch here on Saturday and it was really, really good.

The night before, at The Henry, we went to town on the carbs. So the healthier meal options and casual atmosphere were exactly what we all needed the next day.

Try the skinny cobb salad with chicken.


This is a cute Mexican restaurant with yummy tacos, guacamole, burritos, and a cool vibe.

Be sure to try the mexican street corn – so good!


 This ice cream shop is right across the street from Joyride.

If you need a quick snack, this would be a good option.

The Henry

 This one is a good option too, but wasn’t my favorite meal of them all, if I’m being super picky.

The decor is nice and the cocktails are delicious. So, I still think it’s worth a visit.

The Saguaro Restaurant

 We ate here several times (breakfast and lunch) and I had no complaints.

The sweet potato fries are my favorite and their guacamole was my favorite as well (we literally ate guacamole every single day).

You can even get it poolside. Yes please!


 If you’re a bruschetta fan, head here! I liked the brie/apple bruschetta and mozzarella/tomato bruschetta the best.

FYI – they only serve beer and wine here…no cocktails. But that was the only bummer. Everything else was a thumbs up.

A Travel Guide to Scottsdale, AZ

A Travel Guide to Scottsdale, AZ

Places to Stay in Scottsdale

The Saguaro

This is where we stayed and I’d definitely recommend it, especially if you like The Saguaro in Palm Springs.

It’s very, very similar…with super colorful walls everywhere and affordable pricing.

Most of the photos in this post are from around the property, to give you a better idea of what it looks like.

Valley Ho

There was another hotel called Valley Ho that we visited toward the end of our trip to look around.

If you like the mid-century tiki vibe, this would be a good hotel option too.

A Travel Guide to Scottsdale, AZ

Pink on pink

Shopping in Scottsdale

We didn’t do a ton of shopping, but there were a few shops that are definitely worth checking out…


This shop is great for entertaining props and small home accessories.

Definitely stop by, if you get a chance – all four of us bought items from this little shop and the owner is insanely nice.

Fashion by Robert Black

 If you like vintage, this shop is a must-stop. Some of the pieces are pretty pricey FYI, but everything is vintage.

It’s all sorted by color, which I love and they have some great designer labels, plus a fancy secret room behind a curtain with the really good stuff.

Bought that red vintage shirt below for $17, by the way! So there are some deals to be had…

A Travel Guide to Scottsdale, AZ

A Travel Guide to Scottsdale, AZ

A Travel Guide to Scottsdale, AZ

A Travel Guide to Scottsdale, AZ

And that’s about it for the Scottsdale trip.

I have quite a few photos that didn’t make it into the blog post still. So I imagine I’ll be sharing more on Instagram if you want to see more. 

For more vacation inspiration, check out these travel spots…

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You have convinced me I need to visit! What a fun bunch of girls too to hang with for the weekend:)

Anna Liesemeyer

So lovely and colorful! Now we’re craving a trip to AZ. All I’ve ever seen of it is when we drove through it on our way from Nashville to L.A.! I’m in love with the Saguaro just from photos! And eating is my favorite thing to do when traveling anywhere, and all of these places sound like great recommendations!

Thanks for sharing!
A Whimsy Wonderland

Cortney | A Whimsy Wonderland

Love your vintage find; that red shirt is fabulous! I’m staying at The Saguaro, Palm Springs in the fall. Now that I see your colorful photos, I’m looking forward to my stay even more!


Awesome Valerie. Let me know how you like those restaurant suggestions. If you like Postino’s, I think you’ll love the others as well.


So, glad to see your post of Scottsdale. I live in Arizona just south of Scottsdale in Chandler and love it here. It’s a good that you visited before we hit the double digits. I haven’t tried most of the restaurants that you posted and I will be checking them out. Postino’s is awesome!! Don’t worry about grammatical errors, I didn’t! Happy Friday!!

Valerie Chernoff

Awesome Corina. Glad to hear that.


Oh the colours!! I’m in love with Scottsdale already

Corina Nika

Hi Diane. Yep, we sure did. It’s a cute little area.


I hope you got to walk old town Scottsdale


Thanks for your concern Tria. While I don’t feel embarrassment over a simple mistake, I will make the edit you suggested. Wishing you the best.


Your grammar is an embarrassment. For example: “at least from what I can remember.” Really? Should be “that.” Errors are everywhere… I don’t want or expect you to post this comment; I just want you to buy a copy of Strunk and White.


It was pretty colorful, Kiersten…though I imagine a lot of the color was from the hotel. 🙂


Scottsdale looks gorgeously colorful! I’ve never been to Arizona, but I’d love to visit now!


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