Shine Light Like a Diamond: 12 Awesome Lighting Options to Brighten Any Space

By Brittni • Updated on 07/08/2021

That floor lamp!

It strangely already feels like winter in Atlanta, with the time change and nearly non-stop dreariness / overcast days (though we did get sun yesterday). So, I’ve been thinking a lot more about lighting for the studio to help compensate for the natural light that we’re missing out on.

Here are 12 lighting options I’m loving right now…

1. (above) Love this floor lamp! Probably won’t provide much light, but it’d be a great decor piece. Via The Animal Print Shop.

Gold sconce + bold wallpaper

2. This example (from One Kings Lane) isn’t quite modern enough for me, but I do like the idea of having some scones and maybe even a bold pattern wallpaper. What do you think?

12 Awesome Lighting Options to Brighten Any Space

3. Simple strands are always a hit too. Via My Scandinavian Home.

12 Awesome Lighting Options to Brighten Any Space

4. Yes to this light. And that chair! Via Casa del Caso.

12 Awesome Lighting Options to Brighten Any Space

5. This Blu Dot floor lamp is actually already in the studio, which you may remember from this 30 minute wall art post. So, obviously, I like this one.

Love these lights!

6. You can pretty much count me in anytime copper is involved. So, of course I love these lights from Beacon Lighting. They’re pretty affordable too, which doesn’t hurt.

Quirky colorful light fixtures

7. These hanging pendants from Hem are a little funky, but I like ’em.

12 Awesome Lighting Options to Brighten Any Space

8. Love this retro tabletop light from Rejuvenation. Via Sugar & Cloth.

Gold + marble. Win!

9. This little guy from West Elm probably won’t do much in the way of lighting up a room, but it’s still a winner in my book. Looks like a mini sculpture.

Mismatched pendant lights

10. What do you think of this mismatched pendant light look? I’m kind of into it. Via Nickey Kehoe.

Giant statement lighting

11. I’m super into the idea of having some giant statement pieces like these cone lights. I don’t know how practical they are, but they’d sure look good. Via Adelto.

12 Awesome Lighting Options to Brighten Any Space

12. And last but not least, these lights are pretty neat. I love the idea of using them in the kitchen too. Via Hare Klein.

 What kind of lighting are you loving right now? Anything that you’d recommend I check out?

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I think I love all of these, but the last was definitely my favorite! Those are so cool. Thanks for sharing!


I love all of these options! They’re so gorgeous!



Yeah, those are good!


I’m in love with those single lightbulbs!


Good choice, Bella.


I love all the ideas all the lights are just stunning! number 2 is my favourite I will def pin that into my dream home!

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