18 of My Fave Statement Earrings for Summer

I don’t remember exactly how old I was when I first got my ears pierced (maybe 10?). But I do distinctly remember where I got it done. It was in a v classy Claire’s inside the mall and I was (possibly) more nervous than anyone who has ever had their ears pierced before or after.

Since then, I’ve accumulated a lot more piercings – most of which either can’t be seen easily OR have closed up over the years. And sadly, my ears are amongst the fallen soldiers on the ‘closed up’ list. I am, however, fairly desperate to get them pierced again, so I can wear all of the cool earrings I’ve been buying lately. Just bought #5 on this list and am contemplating #1, 3, and 6 rn too. Yes, I totally realize I have no business buying earrings when my holes have closed up. But YOLO.

Here’s a list of my favorite statement earrings for summer…

1. Bronze Sister Earrings from Bona Drag $193
2. Fringed Spoon Drop Earrings from Anthropologie $54
3. Annie Costello Brown Arc Drop Earrings from Beklina $220
4. Big Love Hoop Earrings from Urban Outfitters $84
5. Brass Disc Nina Earrings from Bona Drag $180 (have these – love ’em)
6. Arc Earrings from Etsy $24.26
7. Mix and Match Bar Stud Earrings from Madewell $32
8. Circle Earrings from Etsy $47.18
9. Knobbly Studio Line + Surface Ear Cuff from Need Supply $42
10. Elke Tassel Earrings from Gorman $89

Statement Earrings for Summer

11. Anndra Neen Stein Circle Earrings from Bona Drag $195
12. Tassel Earrings from Madewell $28
13. Half Moon Fringe Earrings from Madewell $34
14. Horseshoe Drop Earrings from Anthropologie $88
15. Dual Moon Drop Earrings from Anthropologie $78
16. Oval Earrings from Young Frankk $80
17. Handmade Leather Illusion Earrings from Etsy $39
18. Rose Gold Nude Earrings from Goodwin $85

Looking for even more earring inspiration? Check out my last earring roundup: super chic and unique statement earrings.

Are you yay or nay on statement earrings? See any earrings in this roundup that catch your eye?

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This collection of earrings that you have shared with us in this article is out of this world. I would also love to own these lovely pieces of earrings which you have shared with us in this article. I had a great time reading this article. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Priya Sharma

Such a great range of good quality DIY Earrings

Such a fun idea.

Cheers Sharon…


I love these! I think my favourites would have to be the little faces. They’re so creative and beautiful, but funny, too!



I think #12 might cause me to alter my dislike of tassels – those are nice!


Beautiful post i love earrings
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The pink pineapple

Thank you for the inspiration. I have a blast making my own earrings and jewelry. I would love for you to check them out on my website as I am just beginning my venture. I can also customize a piece of jewelry for you, and Ive got many more pieces in production. The website is www.reaganjillian.com


I love this post, you have made me want to go and get my ears pierced. It is just something I have never really got round to, or been interested in until recently. You should totally get your done again and rock some of these gorgeous earrings – I especially like 8 and 18, they are so lush!

Holly xo



Yes! Love the gold too, Michelle.


They all look so great, especially the gold ones from number 2 and 6!


Good choice, Adel. The heart hoops are definitely fun!


I love the hearts!

Obrazem Blog Adel
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