Workspace Inspiration for the New Year

By Brittni • posted on 02/13/2024

the Paper & Stitch office

As we are getting settled into our place and finally starting to tackle makeover projects (yep, it’s taken us almost three months to even start thinking about this stuff), I’m finding inspiration all around me. This is especially true right now because of the new year. I always seem to get a spurt of energy/ inspiration when a new year hits.

I decided to tackle my office/ studio first because I spend a lot of time in there, taking photos, coming up with new DIY projects, etc. I am nowhere near ready to show how things are coming along as a whole (I plan to share the entire process from start to finish in a new series soon though), but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give you a little looksie at my current set up. Especially since it will most likely change four or five times before it’s finally ‘finished’. What can I say, I’m a little indecisive.

But honestly, I like the idea of having a workspace that is constantly changing. The things that I am inspired by today might not be the things that I’m inspired by tomorrow. Right? So I’m okay with my workspace unfolding over time. And today, it is filled with color…which was actually inspired by a recent partnership with StickyGram.

Brittni Mehlhoff from Paper & Stitch

love these StickyGram magnets

Do you know about StickyGram already? I’ve talked about it before here, but basically the site allows you to easily turn your Instagram photos into magnets, iPhone case, and iPad covers. Then they ship it right to your door. You can customize ’em pretty much anyway you want too (a grid of photos, one photo over the entire surface, etc). So fun! More info about StickyGram here.

So anyway, I customized aStickyGram iPad cover and a set of magnets with some of my fav Instagram photos from the year, and when they both arrived I was in the midst of pulling together my desk area. The iPad cover, especially, is super colorful and even though I’m going through a black and white phase, I couldn’t help but pull in some color for my desk. Bonus: It’s easy to switch out when I want a change, since I just attached the wall art with washi tape.

a corner of the P&S office

Use magnets to pin notes to a metal canister

this is what happens when i get bored

office inspiration / organization ideas

My mom bought me that striped basket from Far & Wide Collective, which has been the best catchall for me lately, and that little metal canister too (which is from West Elm). I’ve been sticking little notes to the canister with magnets and they hold surprisingly well. Of course, they look good on the fridge too, but I don’t have a fridge in my office (or I’d probably never leave), so onto the metal canister they go.

So, that was a very longwinded way of explaining the inspiration for this tiny nook. But I’m definitely loving the pops of color against my white walls.

What kinds of things inspire you in your workspace? Would love to hear what has been inspiring you lately.

This post is brought to you by StickyGram. All opinions and ideas are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that make this blog possible. *Visit this page to learn more about partnering with Paper & Stitch on a future campaign.

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I love that basket!! and the instagram photos!

Alex xoxo


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Sarah Hearts - Links to Love

Isn’t the color combo great, Stacia? My mom gives good gifts! That’s for sure.


I adore the big woven basket! So delightful!!


Thanks Kel. Trying to get in front of the camera a little more often. But not quite ready to show off my dancing skills publicly, like somebody I know. 🙂 Getting there!


StickyGram is awesome! I agree with Chelsea, they make great gifts. Love seeing Luna’s cute face on this post! And yours too, of course. =)

Kelly @ Studio DIY

Thanks Kayli. Hope organizing goes well in your workspace.


Great inspiration! I’ve been meaning to tidy-up my workspace and make room for creative energy to flow 🙂

Kayli Schattner

Aww. Thanks Chels. 🙂 And good idea about using the Stickygrams for Christmas presents. Have to remember that for next year.


I looove StickyGram (I give them every year as Christmas presents and people lose their mind for them!). And I love all of these photos of you because you are adorable.


Yep! She just had to make an appearance. Especially with a face like hers.


There’s Luna! We missed her face! I’m throughly enjoying your new-years purging/working boost and hope to keep it going all year. My biggest work-space inspiration right now is this odd knock-off vintage Transformers game board I finally framed and hung above my computer. I may have to write a post dedicated to it, I love it so much. It includes ALL the colors I want to incorporate into my brand/merchandise into 2014.


Definitely check it out Fitty. I love Stickygram.


Yes, adorable doggie! And I have not heard of stickygram! I need to check that out.


Thanks Marlene. I have to agree with you about Luna. I’m kind of a crazy dog lady who thinks my dog is the cutest dog ever. 🙂


Loving all the color! And your cute pup! I’ve definitely been wanting to try out Stickygram. And I hope hope hope that next year we can move into a larger apartment where I can have a studio—we’ll see!

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