Sugared Grapefruit Breakfast

By Brittni • Updated on 01/08/2016

Sugared Grapefruit Breakfast

I’ve been trying to eat more fruit lately. And one fruit in particular that I’ve really been trying to work in is grapefruit. BUT the tartness is just too much on it’s own, for me, so I added some colorful sugar sprinkles and now it’s delicious.

I realize, it’s not exactly healthy, but it’s not exactly a deep fried twinkie either – I’m pretty okay with living somewhere in between the two.

Plus…rainbow sprinkles! I rest my case.


Add sugar sprinkles to your grapefruit

Sugared Grapefruit Breakfast

Photography and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

P.S. This month is national grapefruit month. So let’s get to celebrating! Anybody have a candle?

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I’ve always sprinkled sugar on my grapefruit, but never thought of colored sugar. How fun!


I am diabetic so I shy away from sugar. How I make my grapefruit is I sprinkle some natural sugar like Stevia on top, then some cinnamon and put it in the broiler for a minute. It is sooo yummy!


Yum! What an awesome way to get some more vitamins in.


I love grapefruit and its tart, i think it’s delicious way it is but i haven’t tried it with sugar. I got to try it now.



I usually don´t eat grapefruit but this looks so good i´m gonna try it!!

louie and coco

How lovely!


I think I’d eat a lot more fruit if it was covered in rainbow sprinkles! This looks delish, B!

Kelly @ Studio DIY

I’m not a grapefruit fan, but I might just have to try one now that it looks so fun and colorful!

Jess Mason

These look gorgeous! I would totally eat my fruit if it always looked that pretty!



Oh so that’s why people eat grapefruits with sugar. We always get the sweet ones you can peel and eat on its own. This post reminds me of when Bart & Homer went on the grapefruit diet XD They used the grapefruit as a spoon or something to lick the sugar off.

Curious Charlie

That’s the only way I can eat grapefruit, too! I never thought of adding fun sprinkles though!

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