Once in a Blue Moon: How to Make DIY Moon Phases Coasters and Trivets with Carpet Tile

By Brittni • Updated on 06/23/2015

How to Make DIY Moon Phases Coasters and Trivets with Carpet Tile

I’ve been meaning to tackle this project for a couple of months now (does that ever happen to you?) and the day has finally come for these DIY coasters and trivets to have their day in the sun. Here’s the story… I picked up a Flor tile from a local shop months ago when I was buying some other pretty random items (like these tiny spoons) and knew exactly what I would make with it. Coasters and trivets, naturally.

How to Make DIY Moon Phases Coasters and Trivets with Carpet Tile

I kind of feel like I may be the only person to pick up ONE lone carpet tile and think, ‘Perfect! That’s all I need. Just one.’. But that’s what happened and one REALLY was all I needed. Which brings me to today’s DIY. I wanted to create a color blocked coaster design…something simple, but still interesting. And after Linda and I started cutting these little guys, it hit me….what about an abstract moon phases design. Done!

It’s much easier to do the moon phases with a straight line, as opposed to a curved crescent shape. It creates a more abstract / subtle color blocked design. So that’s what we did. And you can make your own set too, if you’re game. Full tutorial below…

How to Make DIY Moon Phases Coasters and Trivets with Carpet Tile


– wood rounds (4 inch for coasters 7 inch for trivets)
– low profile carpet tile (mine is by Flor, which I purchased at a local store for $8)
– sharp cutting blade (I like this one)
– strong glue (I used super glue)
– ruler or straightedge

How To:

1. Place a wood round on top of the carpet tile and use it as a template to cut out a circle that is the same size as the wood. If you’re having trouble making the cut this way, you can trace the wood with a pencil and then cut with a blade following the pencil line.

How to Make DIY Moon Phases Coasters and Trivets with Carpet Tile

2. Next, use a straight edge to create a clean line across the circle at the desired point. You’ll want to place the ruler right where you’ll want the color to change. So if you’re doing moon phases, like ours, you’ll want to change the position of each circle to a slightly larger or smaller area for the cut line.

How to Make DIY Moon Phases Coasters and Trivets with Carpet Tile

3. Then flip one of the pieces over to the opposite side (exposing the black rubbery surface). This will represent the empty space of each moon phase. Or as I like to call it, the abstract galaxy of crafting.

How to Make DIY Moon Phases Coasters and Trivets with Carpet Tile

4. Next, glue both pieces of the circle to the wooden round that you used in step 1. And you’re done!

5. Repeat steps 1-4 for the remainder of the moon phases that you want to create.

DIY Moon Phases Color Blocked Coasters

Budget Breakdown: Just in case you’re curious, the total cost of materials was about $17. Nine bucks for all of the wood rounds and eight dollars for the carpet tile (we already had the ruler, glue, and cutting blade – so those weren’t counted in the cost breakdown). One 20 inch square of carpet tile made a total of 3 trivets and 7 coasters! Which means each finished piece cost less than $2 to make. Not to shabby.

DIY Moon Phases Color Blocked Trivets

DIY Moon Phases Color Blocked Coasters + Trivets

Crafting assisted by Linda Jednaszewski
Styling and photography by Brittni Mehlhoff

What do you think? Are you into the color blocked / moon phases pattern?

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How many would want one carpet tile?
Great DIY idea. thank you.

Cheers Sharon…


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Love that you used aqua! this is so fun and mod!


Love this! Such an easy DIY & the idea is so fun. You may be right, I don’t know many others who want *just one* carpet tile!

Sam @ DIY Just Cuz

[…] Coasters and trivets are such a cute way to incorporate the moon phase trend. […]

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If I’ll ever get my hands on some carpet tile I’ll definitely try this. also, that pan and kettle are the cutest where are they from?


Thanks Pevita and Jia. Moon life 4ever. 🙂


These are brilliant – I love the colour-blocking and the moon inspiration! The coasters turned out so modern and chic (:

xx Jia


Thanks for the inspiring craft. This is a stunning DIY and I always love the moon for the DIY ideas 🙂


Thanks Cat.


Brilliant – II love these!


Awesome Emily. Let me know how it turns out.


LOVE this post! This will be my weekend project! Thanks for sharing 🙂

xoxo Emily


Thanks Paige and Katrina.


This is such a great idea. Thanks for a simple DIY post that is so clear to understand!

Katrina Sophia

Katrina Sophia

These coasters are so cute! I love them!



Thanks Halee. I’ve been pretty into moon phases lately too. 🙂


Ooo! I like these! I don’t know what it is lately, but I have been loving moon phase decorations. I really like the idea of using carpet tiles for more crafts. Thanks for the ideas!

Halee Holland
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