Trash to Treasure: Toothbrush Holder to DIY Vase

By Brittni • posted on 02/12/2024

Yesterday my post went up on Vintage Indie for a DIY makeover project that I recently finished. Thanks again to Gabreial for inviting me. You can check it out right here. But I wanted to repost it here on paper and stitch too…
When I started thinking about what I could do for this post, I walked around the house a couple of times to gather up some goodies, and all I seemed to find was some house paint and an old, wooden toothbrush holder.
I really didn’t like the way the container looked, so I thought I would give it a little makeover. 
Wood engraved toothbrush holder side by side with painted version of the same piece, as a vase
I decided to turn it in to a modern vase, since I really didn’t need a fancy toothbrush holder (seriously what was I thinking when I bought that thing).
You can make one yourself too, with just a few supplies: wooden container, house paint, sandpaper, paint brush, and small glass.
So how do you make it?
Instructions for painting an old wood toothbrush holder white and seafoam green, to make a vase

Turn a Toothbrush Holder into a Vase

Step 1: 

Give the wooden container a good rub down with some sandpaper and then wipe clean.
Once that is finished, you are ready to start painting. I painted the entire piece (inside and out) white.

Step 2: 

Once the first coat is dry, apply one more coat to the entire surface.
If your paint job is looking a little clumpy, hit it with a little more sandpaper and then move on to another coat of paint.

Step 3: 

Once that is finished, you are now ready to select a contrasting color for the detail areas.
If your wooden container doesn’t have any engraved details, you can paint a leaf or flower motif on it to achieve the same look. I would do a couple coats of this. 


Add glass jar inside wooden frame for a vase

Step 4: 

We’re almost done. But since we are creating a vase and wood is porous, it doesn’t exactly make a great vase by itself.
So, it is now time to find a small glass that you can stick inside the opening. I happen to have a vintage juice glass that fits perfectly!
Slip it in the opening, fill with water, and you are ready for some flowers.


Painted wood vase sitting on white desk with flowers
That’s it for this DIY. I have some more in the wings for next week that I am looking forward to getting posted.

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