Tutorial: Faux Gold Dino Pendant Necklace

By Brittni • Updated on 07/22/2010

I’ve always been attracted to humorous jewelry pieces. Anything that can make me laugh, I am all for. So, I came up with an idea for these faux gold dinosaur pendants, and I am in love with the results. I think I am going to start wearing these everywhere.

The idea started with a sizable stash of plastic dinosaur toys that I bought at a garage sale for 25 cents (the whole bag of 20 dinos for $0.25 – what a deal). They stayed in the closet for a couple of months, as most of my garage sale finds do, until I finally came up with a way to use them. Once I realized that I can penetrate almost any material with my trusty paper stab, I had my project…

Materials: 1. Small plastic dinosaurs (plastic farm animals would work great for this as well- horses for example would be awesome) 2. Paper stab tool (also known as an awl – mainly used for bookbinding) 3. Paint (I used a special liquid gold leaf for mine) 4. Paint brush (small sizes work better here) 5. Small eye hook screws (can be found at any craft store or even Home Depot) 6. Clear gloss protective coating 7. Hammer (optional) 8. Gold chain (optional)

How To Step by Step: {click image above for larger view} 1. Find a place at the top of your toy dino for the eye hook screw and using your paper stab tool, punch a hole in it. Depending on how hard the plastic is, you may need a hammer to really get the paper stab in there. This is just a starters hole. 2. Next, take your eye hook screw and place it in the hole and screw it in with your hands as far as it will go. 3. Once that is done, begin applying your paint with a small brush. Applying the paint in thin layers works best, so you can get in to all those crack and crevices. Be sure to paint the eye hook as well, so it will blend in more. 4. Wait for paint to dry and apply a second, thin coat. 5. Wait for paint to dry and apply a clear, gloss protective coating (such as gloss medium or something similar) 6. If you plan on using the pendant on its own, as a gift tag for example, you are all done. If you would like to turn this pendant into a necklace, add a chain and you are all set! You’ll start a lot of conversations with one of these little guys around your neck… “Is that a dinosaur necklace you’re wearing? Interesting.

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Thanks Cody.


Oh me Goodness I love you. I love this and I can’t wait to make my own. I also loved that you use an eye hook instead of just stabbing a ring in him. I can’t wait to make my own.


Cody Doll

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Too cute!


HI!! i’m from mexico, and first i want to send a compliment for your whole blog you’re so creative, I´m starting DIY and i´d love to make this, but i’d like to know if you can recommend another kind of paint i saw other tutorial and they say it could works whit nail polish, but if you could help me i apreciate it very much, maybe a paint i could get in home depot, because here it´s difficult to get that paint you recommend.

Thanks for sharing and i´d be glad if you answer to help me
i wish u more succes and the best!!


The necklace is pretty cool. I love the tutorial you provided here, very detailed and easy to follow even for someone like me who’s not as creative like you, thanks a lot.

Ann@ girls jewellery

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Hi Jane. I’d love for you to feature the project. Thanks. And that’s wonderful Amy. I am so glad. If you have any pictures of your dinos, I’d love to see them.


I positively love this tutorial, and have made A TON of gold dinos for me and my friends now. Definitely awesome.


Your Faux Gold Dino Pendant Necklace is an awesome inspiration! Many thanks for sharing. I would like to feature it at http://www.handmade-jewelry-club.com/

Contact me here if you have a concern.



Thank you Brittany, Katie, and Katie! Katie (#1)- thank you for featuring this tutorial on your blog! Katie (#2)- I love the dino necklace you created! It looks great. Thanks for sharing the link! And Brittany-so glad you like the project. I am loving metallics right now as well (clearly).


So, I was just telling someone today about how I love love love metallic right now. Not metallic leather so much… Just details. So, basically, I’m really really excited that you posted this today because I have to paint a whole bunch of stuff gold now. You’re awesome!

The dinosaur gift tags are a super great idea, too. I love the last picture, they look great with a dress.

Brittany Broas

Thanks for sharing this fantastic idea! I couldn’t stop grinning when I first saw this post and I had a great time making my first (of 10 to come) dino necklaces!




I like this! I featured it in my *make it monday* post here:



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I definitely made these a few weeks ago! They are really cute, I wear mine all the time!


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Aw, thanks so much Betty And Pearl.

Brittni: papernstitch

This is amazing, I need to go buy some gold paint! I’m going to blog about you all over the place!
Jenny x

Betty And Pearl

Sounds cute Cindy. Thank you Kristen.


oh my word! that’s a crazy cute idea!


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This is so cute. I bought a pin made from a plastic lizard that had been gold leafed. She then wrapped a bit of kimono silk around it and called it a “Kimono Dragon”.

Cindy Moore

Oh wow. How perfect Kelly! I am sure she would love one of these handmade by mom.


Sooo funny that I just stumbled upon this. I was reading your tips on working from home and started checking out the rest of the blog. I’m potty training my daughter and I said I would buy her a necklace for a reward. She replied that she wanted a dinosaur. … Perfect!!!

Kelly Decoteau

thanks so much for posting this! now i have plans for all those little things that my son likes to collect … hope he doesn’t miss any 🙂

alexandra keller

Thank Em, Angie, and Rebecca. The proper name is an awl. And you should be able to find them at any craft store in the bookbinding section. Or you can pick one up at amazon right here. There are tons!



Is there a proper name for “paper stab tool?” Do they sell it at the craft store? 🙂



so cute! saving this awesome idea for upcoming birthdays (kids and adults!).


this is awesome.


Thank you Danni and Christina. So glad you like the tutorial. I had a lot of fun painting all these little guys. I have a whole box of them now. AND I actually found a couple of toy horses (yeah!) and used those two. I love ’em! Maybe I’ll post a couple of pictures of the horses.


oh my, this is just adorable Brittni! love it, so creative and cute! thanks for the inspiration! xo.

danni / hellofriend

this is an adorable idea. i especially like the little dinos for packaging. so smart!

Down and Out Chic

Aw, thanks so much Ez. I really appreciate that!


Oh my word…this is just too cute! I’m going to go tweet this genius little project over on twitter right away. Thanks for the inspiration! xo Ez

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