Tutorial: Patterned Vase with Unlikely Materials

By Brittni • Updated on 08/29/2023

I was laying in bed one night trying to get some sleep, and this idea came to me for an easy, patterned vase. It’s simple….use a pair of baby/infant tights for an instant patterned look.

Of course, this idea could be used on any existing vase, but if you are looking for more of a project, I’ve got one for you…

Using some inexpensive votives, you can create a modern vase like mine for under $5.

Note: I used several three pack sets of votives from IKEA by C Halskov/H Dalsgaard. I couldn’t find them on IKEA’s site.

But the ones I used are these without a candle inside them. Anything that is the same basic shape would work just fine.


  • Votive Candles
  • Heavy Duty Glue
  • Scissors
  • Infant size tights (the smaller the better) or leggings

Step by Step: {click image above for larger view of step by step}

1. Gather materials and clean votives so there is no dirt or debris. This will help the glue stick. 

2. Glue two votive bottoms together with a thick bead of glue. Wait to dry. 

3. Next, glue the top of a third votive to the top of one of the glued votives. Wait to dry. 

4. Now its time to grab the tights. Cut the tights in half as close to the middle seam as possible, so the legs are separated. 

5. Pull the tight leg over the finished piece, with the closed toe at the bottom and the tights opening at the top. *If you are using footless tights (like the ones I used for the striped vase) it doesn’t matter which way they are put on.

6. Cut off the excess at the top of the opening, leaving about a half inch to an inch to tuck back in.

7. Use your heavy duty glue again to glue down the extra trim to the inside of your votive.

8. Add short stem flowers and water. And you’re done.

Extra Tip

If you’re having a hard time finding a patterned tight that you like, go for a solid color instead.

And before you cover over your newly made vase, use a drawing pen or non-bleed markers to create your own pattern by drawing it yourself, right onto the tights.

Just stick a piece of cardboard into the leg first, so its stretched a little when you draw and it doesn’t bleed through to the other side.

I used this technique for the smaller vase in the photos, and I like how it turned out. Very easy.

And for more unusual vases and planters, check out this unique DIY planter I made with corn husks.

For more ideas for quick and easy projects, click here to visit the tutorials page filled with more than 30 diys.

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