Top Shelf: V-Day Mini DIY Shelves for Under $5

By Brittni • Updated on 02/10/2016

V-Day Mini DIY Shelves for Under $5

The time has come! For the last V-Day project of the season. My eyes were bigger than my stomach this year….or whatever the equivalent would be for a DIY project version of that. There were a WHOLE lot of V-Day projects. — But I just couldn’t stop myself.

And this is officially the last one…

Mini DIY wall shelves for the win! I found some really inexpensive wood Valentine’s Day signs ($2 each) at Target a couple weeks ago and turned them into mini shelves with some scrap wood and sawtooth hangers. Super easy!

V-Day Mini DIY Shelves


  • flat wood shapes (mine are from Target)
  • wood scraps (mine are a 1/2 inch thick)
  • saw to cut wood scraps down to size, if needed
  • primer
  • paint (acrylic or house paint)
  • paint brush
  • wood glue or super glue
  • clamps (optional)
  • sawtooth hanger


Start by cutting the wood scraps down to the proper size. I just laid the end of the wood against the heart and eyeballed where I wanted tit to go, marked it off, and used a saw to make the cut. Sand if necessary.

V-Day Mini DIY Shelves for Under $5

Prime the surface of the wood shapes and wood scraps. Wait for the primer to dry completely. Then, apply acrylic paint or house paint (1-2 coats).

V-Day Mini DIY Shelves for Under $5

Once completely dry, glue the wood shelf piece to the flat wood shape and add clamps if necessary to help the two pieces bond and let it set for 24 hours (or according to instructions on the bottle).

V-Day Mini DIY Shelves

Add a sawtooth hanger to the back and its ready to hang.

You could totally recreate something like this with non-seasonal shapes too (triangles, hexagons, circles, etc) after this season is over. In fact, I’m thinking about making a couple in different geometric shapes for the studio soon, to store mini props and things. What do you think?

V-Day Mini DIY Shelves

V-Day Mini DIY Shelves for Under $5

V-Day Mini DIY Shelves for Under $5

Photography Amelia Tatnall
Craft production Anissa Saxton
Styling Brittni Mehlhoff

Working on any last minute V-Day projects this week? Curious to know what you have planned.

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Wow, they look amazing. Thank you for sharing! 😀


the shelves turned out beautifull. I have to make ones for myself


I love the colors you use, they looks so pretty!

Marwa | Enthralling Gumption

🙂 Happy to hear you like these little guys, Trina, Tina, and Sarah. 🙂


These are too cute, and I’m loving the Valentine’s Day inspired x and o!



Darling! Special enough to keep up year round! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

Trina and Tina

Thanks Rebecca and Emily!


Super cute! And the technique could be easily applied to other holidays/rooms/shelf types. Thanks for sharing!


These are SO adorable! I love how chic they look, plus the pastel color makes all the difference!
Rebecca xo


Thanks Rachel. Yeah, I definitely will be making these again in some non-seasonal shapes. So, so easy!


Ahhh-mazing! These are so adorable! Love the idea of making them for other seasons of the year too.

Rachel | The Crafted Life

Thanks Michelle. I love pastels. 🙂


Aw, this is such a cute idea, and I love that you painted them in pastel colours!

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