Valentine Gift Idea for Foodies and Cooks Alike

We have a pecan tree in our backyard, and although I don’t bake or cook much, I thought I should come up with some way to use the pecans that have dropped recently in our yard. So, here’s an easy (but thoughtful) gift for the cooks/ bakers in your family. Perfect for Valentine’s Day or as a just because I love you gift…

Materials: All you need is a mason jar, some left over scarp fabric, and a hearty handful of nuts still in their shells (walnuts or pecans are best). The whole thing (materials and all) shouldn’t cost more than a couple of bucks to make.

How To: Its pretty straightforward. Collect the nuts you are planning on using, whether they be from your yard, someone else’s, or even the grocery store. Wash and towel dry. Then place in your mason jar. Cut a piece of fabric in the shape of a circle that is approximately two times the size of the opening of your jar, so your fabric will hang over the sides. Add outside metal ring to jar once fabric has been placed over opening. Add a tag (maybe even a recipe for cookies) and you are all set!

If you have any recipes that use walnuts or pecans, leave a link in the comments. I’d love to hear ’em.

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Coffee cake with walnuts on! That’s the way to win my love x

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