16 of the Coolest (Temporary and Permanent) Wallpapers for Your Home

By Casey Harper • Updated on 02/15/2024

Wallpaper can quickly become one of those polarizing design decisions that leaves everyone solidly in one camp or the other. There are the big wallpaper fans and then pretty much everyone else.

Abstract blue and white pattern wallpaper in a mid-century inspired room.

(image via Betapet)

Over the years, wallpaper has definitely had it’s ups and downs. For the most part though, it’s been on the rise again for the last few years.

Don’t get me wrong, some of that dated granny drab is still floating around here and there, but there are TONS of amazing prints on the market to add a little eye candy to any room… And I mean any room.

Whether you’re renting, own your home, wanting something permanent, or something temporary until your mood changes, there are plenty of wallpaper options.

A modern, minimal black and white patterned bathroom.
(image via Ali Budd Interiors)

3 Reasons I’m Currently Choosing Temporary Wallpaper

For me, I lean towards the temporary option. While there aren’t as many wallpapers to choose from in the temp category, I prefer it for a few reasons:

1. I’m currently renting, and temporary wallpaper is just that – temporary! When Jeff and I inevitably end up moving again, it’s one less thing to worry about, and our landlord won’t even know that his walls were once covered in pattern!

2. I’m constantly refreshing our home and when I want to make a statement OR add color to our all white walls without breaking out the paint roller, I go with temporary wallpaper. It’s a really easy way to change things up.

3. Permanent wallpaper is a PAIN to take down.

Hand wallpaper in bedroom
(image via The Glitter Guide)

But, for those who can hunker down and commit to one wallpaper, the permanent option might be the way to go. Especially if you’re looking for a more lux print or texture, which starts the list of reasons to go with permanent wallpaper instead…

1. More options. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of temporary wallpaper options out there, but the traditional wallpaper world is vast and endless when you’re willing to commit! Soooooo many choices!

2. It’s usually a lot more durable. Traditional wallpaper is meant to stand the test of time (just look at grandma’s house). This is perfect for home owners who aren’t going to be moving any time soon.

3. It’s usually more environmentally friendly. Permanent options are often made from paper (imagine that!) meaning that if you do decide to remove your wallpaper, it can more than likely be recycled, where temporary wallpapers are usually made from polyester or vinyl (not recyclable).

Faces wallpaper in bathroom

(image via Sarah Sherman Samuel)

Take a risk in your powder bathroom.

You might be asking yourself where you’d even use wallpaper in your home.

One of my favorite spots for a good wallpaper is the bathroom (above). Especially a powder bathroom! It’s the smallest room in your house, so that makes it cost effective to wallpaper, and it’s a fun little surprise for any house guests you might have.

Moody organic modern bedroom with pink wallpaper

(image via Katarina Rulinskaya)

Add some visual interest to your bedroom.

Instead of art, try a wallpaper accent wall in the bedroom! Its a great way to bring color into a neutral space and it makes a great replacement for large scale art for bedrooms with higher ceilings.

Plus, any excuse to get a beautiful pattern like this one on a wall is fine with me.

Black and white wallpaper pattern as backsplash in kitchen

(image via Lonny)

Try temporary wallpaper as a rental hack in your kitchen

Are you in a rental without a backsplash in the kitchen? Add a temporary wallpaper to not only protect the wall from cooking messes, but to add a little visual interest to an otherwise boring kitchen.

My Favorite Wallpapers You Can Buy Right Now

Ready to take the pattern plunge? Good because I’ve rounded up some of my favorite wallpapers for you to try in your own spaces (many of which are temporary too!).

Neutral wallpaper designs roundup of favorites

1. Coven from Maison C.
2. Azteca Sundance from Drop It Modern (available in permanent and removable)
3. Shaping Up from Chasing Paper (removable)
4. Shape Shifter Mural from Drop It Modern (available in permanent and removable)
5. View – Muted from Flat Vernacular
6. Echo Wallpaper in Dusty Rose from Lulu and Georgia
7. Sierra Southwest Wallpaper from Kate Zaremba (removable)
8. Dotted Line in Nude from Drop It Modern (available in permanent and removable)

Neutral wallpaper designs in cream, white, and blue

9. Minimalist Nude Wallpaper from Lulu and Georgia
10. Girls in B&W from Spoonflower (available in permanent and removable)
11. Graffito Wallpaper in Teal Pearl from Kelly Wearstler
12. Marie in Beige from Wallpaper Direct
13. Paleolith from Cavern
14. Coquette Wallpaper in Midnight from Kelly Wearstler
15. Buka Patchwork Wallpaper in Blue from Wallshoppe (available in permanent or removable)
16. Bauhaus in Stone from Wallpaper Direct

What do you think? Are you pro wallpaper? Do you have a space in your home that could use a little wallpapering? I would love to hear where you guys are adding a little pattern in your homes!

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