Glazed Donuts with Macaron Sprinkles

By Brittni • Updated on 02/14/2024

Glazed Donuts with Macaron Sprinkles

Okay, so I know it’s basically sacrilege to cut macarons up into tiny pieces. One of the best parts about macs is their cute little shape, right?

But I HAD to do it.

It involves donuts. So I think it’s probably okay, in this case.

Here’s the story…I’ve been thinking about some fun ideas for donut toppings lately, similar to my unusual ice cream toppings post from a while back (fancy licorice anyone?). And the first thing that came to my mind was macarons!


I bought some pre-made donuts and then added my own homemade glaze (my father-in-law’s recipe, which is the same as the donut pumpkin seeds recipe). Powdered sugar, a splash of cream, and a tiny bit of vanilla. I added food coloring this time as well, just for fun. Once you have the glaze mixed up, set it aside and cut up your macarons into tiny pieces with a sharp knife.

Macaron Sprinkles

I went back and forth on whether I wanted to remove the filling from each one first. Verdict is still out. I did both….when you remove the center filling, it’s less messy and probably looks prettier. But when you keep the filling it’s that much more delicious. So it’s a toss up. You may even need a pros and cons list for this one, to decide.

Anyway, once the macarons are cut, pour the glaze onto each donut and then sprinkle with the cut up pieces of macarons.

Time to eat!

These are so, so good. I hope you’ll give ’em a whirl.

Glazed Donuts with Macaron Sprinkles

Concept, styling, and photography by Brittni Mehlhoff

Think you’ll give these macaron topped donuts a try?

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Having made Macarons from scratch (which often ends up being a 6+ hour process) …yes. This is sacrilege. No, donuts don’t excuse it. I guess it’s ok for you since you bought all of this but I saw this on Pinterest and had to come here to find out what the hell was going on because I actually cried when I saw that you cut up a bunch of macarons like that!! Why would you do that?!?! There are other things you can top doughnuts with!! And this is all over pinterest which means the macaron slaughter has only just begun. French pastry chefs everywhere are losing their wings and falling to their painful, almond flour and red food coloring-filled deaths.


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These are so cute. It would be a great way to make the most of any cracked macarons too
Love them x

aimee @ twiggstudios

Thanks Justine.


Oh my yum! These are too adorable and the colors are so pretty!

Justine @prettyinpistachio

Haha. Aw, thanks Kel. Loved your cactus wall art DIY, by the way!


Holy cannoli!!! This may be my favorite donut idea of yours yet!! SO GOOD.

Kelly @ Studio DIY

Thanks Sarah!


These look amazing! I always leave your blog hungry 😉

x Sarah


Thanks Chelsea.


These look amazing!

chelsea jacobs

Couldn’t agree more, Jessica. Good call!


Nothing is illegal or out of bounds when it involves doughnuts!!

Jessica Rose

Haha. Right, Charlotte? It’s a fun one.


Hot damn! How many things can we cover in macaron bits?

Charlotte @ Drop Dead Bread

Oh wow! Cheesecake crust? That sounds like an awesome idea!


This makes me soo happy! I wonder how macarons would taste as a cheesecake crust?? I need to give it a try. Thanks for sharing!

ICLAL | Passion & Paranoia

Thanks Michelle!


I love this, and it’s pretty too!

Michelle @ Hey Love Designs
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