9 Fall Desserts That You’ll Want to Eat Year Round

By Brittni • Updated on 03/04/2024

Apple Fritter Recipe

It is really feeling like fall around here, with the leaves changing and the weather cooling down. And I am absolutely loving it. I think I’m really going to enjoy living here in ATL. We’ve been here a week and I’ve not found one thing so far that I don’t like about it.

Of course, there are a few things that I love a little more than the changing season. And one of those is dessert. Naturally. So, why not pair these two things together?

Here are 9 seriously delicious desserts perfect for fall…

1. (above) Apple fritter bites from Brittany for Say Yes

Apple Crisp Ice Cream Recipe

2. Apple crisp ice cream from Fabtastic Eats

Pumpkin Loaf Cake

3. Pumpkin loaf cake from Ashley for Julep

Frozen Hot Chocolate Popsicles

4. Frozen hot chocolate popsicles from Paper & Stitch

Deep Dish Pumpkin Pie Meringue

5. Deep dish pumpkin meringue pie from Martha Stewart (photo by Johnny Miller)

Bourbon Apple Chips

6. Bourbon Cider Apple Chips from A Subtle Revelry (photo by Erin Holland)

Pear Hand Pies

7. Pear hand pies from Brittany for Studio DIY

Pumpkin Macarons with Chocolate Ganache

8. Pumpkin macarons with chocolate ganache from The Proper Pinwheel

(Limited Ingredient) Mini Message Hand Pies

9. Mini message hand pies from Paper & Stitch

Any of these desserts would be perfect for Thanksgiving. Don’t you think?

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These are all mouth watering and I need to try each and every one of these!


ICLAL | Passion & Paranoia

Thank you for sharing all of these recipe links! I definitely want to try the pumpkin macarons and apple crisp ice cream. They both look so delicious!



Those apple fritter bites though! YUM!! Thanks for including mine + Brittany’s hand pies too, b!

Kelly @ Studio DIY

Apple crisp ice cream and those fritter bites! To die for!

x Sarah


Doesn’t that look amazing, Ursula? I really want to try that one.


Yum that deep dish pumpkin looks especially good!

Ursula @ Northern Ambitions
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