Where to Source Cool Woven Baskets for Storage

By Brittni • Updated on 02/15/2024

Sharing my favorite sources for woven baskets today!

Woven baskets of various sizes, sitting on a credenza with a piece of art behind it.

Somehow, I’ve become obsessed with organizing our entire house using woven baskets. And honestly, I’m doing a pretty good job racking them up at this point.

So, I thought I might as well put a list together in case you’re on the hunt for good looking storage baskets that have a cool, natural vibe.

I use our woven baskets for everything from craft supply storage to toy containment. And it has made a huge difference in getting small things organized around the house.

I feel like organization is easier to swallow when it means you get to use pretty things to store everything. Ugly storage bins kinda kill the vibe of tidying up for me personally.

Click through for all of my favorites.

My Favorite Woven Baskets

When you’re organizing little things around your house (toys, receipts, etc), there are a million and one options for storage.

Personally, I love the look of woven baskets best though. And for me, the thing that looks best out on a shelf or on the floor under a bench, is the best option.

Shoe boxes and wire bins are great and all, but they’re not something that you’d want to keep out on display, right?

They’re more of a behind a closed cabinet door kind of storage solution.

And that’s why I like woven baskets. You can keep them out in plain view because they look good with nearly any decor.

Making them perfect for wrangling up the things you use everyday – like blankets, pillows, toys, laundry, etc).

Plus, baskets make things so easy to find and pull out when you need them, since there mostly aren’t any lids (although, if you want a lid, I found a few of those too). Have I convinced you yet? I hope so! Let’s go…

Collage image of woven baskets in different sizes and shapes, with handles.

Woven Baskets with Handles

I’m all about baskets with handles! They make things so much easier to tote around and move to different parts of the house.

Plus, they’re great for kids to carry around – much easier for little hands to hold onto.

Clockwise starting from the far left….

1. Handwoven basket from Urban Outfitters

This basket is nice and deep and a good price for the size. Very simple and could fit into any style home.

2. Medium nesting basket from Jenni Kayne

Everything that comes from Jenni Kayne is a win imo. And these nesting baskets definitely fit in that category.

3. Large bolga basket with black leather handles by Roohami on Etsy

Love the black handle on this basket. Plus, it’s from Etsy and I’m on there all the time anyway. So, might as well pick this up, right?

Etsy is an amazing source for woven baskets in all different colors, shapes, and sizes.

Search ‘woven baskets’, ‘bolga basket’, ‘natural basket’, and ‘modern woven baskets’ to get started with shopping.

4. Hand-Woven Moroccan oversized basket from Burke Decor

Okay! This woven basket is huge! It would be perfect as a laundry bag, or even as a stuffed animal holder for kids.

I have been a long time fan of Burke Decor. They carry such cool pieces (not just baskets) and often do discount codes site wide, which is really nice.

At the time I am writing this post, they’re doing twenty percent off site wide!

5. Kwasi basket with handles from Heddle and Lamm

Another great option for a large, open basket. And the price on this one, is good for the size.

More affordable than the Jenni Kayne option and looks similar.

6. Petite Bolga Lace Basket from Genara

The price on this little basket is great, for a bolga style. I feel like it could double as a purse too! I want one.

7. Seagrass basket from Amazon (available in 4 sizes)

I will forever love these simple seagrass baskets.

They’re affordable, practical, and look good too. Can’t go wrong with these.

8. Large bolga basket from Genara

We have a few of these in our house.

The bolga basket style is just so nice. The handle makes it cute and easier to tote around to different rooms.

Collage image of woven baskets in different sizes and shapes.

Woven Baskets without Handles

Obviously, you don’t always need baskets with handles though. Especially if the woven baskets you’re using are sliding into cubbies or shelves.

Handles just add bulk and height in those cases, that isn’t necessary.

So, here are a handful of my favorite baskets without handles. Clockwise starting from the far left….

1. Pink and brown pattern basket by The Basket Room on Etsy

I love the way the colors are woven into the basket. Super cute!

But more importantly than that, it’s fair trade and handmade in Kenya.

2. Frutero basket by Makaua on Goodee

There’s something about low profile baskets like this one that I absolutely love.

You can fit so much stuff in these kinds of woven baskets, without taking up a ton of visual space on a shelf.

BTW – Goodee is an AMAZING site to shop for cool products from makers and creators.

One of my go-to shops right now for anything home related.

3. African lidded canister basket from on Etsy

Omg. I need a whole bunch of these. Each basket is handmade by artisans in Rwanda. And I love the fact that they are lidded.

Secretly though, that little pop of color at the top is what really gets me.

This greenish / chartreuse color and a pink one that’s also available are my faves. 

4. Birdie floor baskets by Connected Goods on Anthropologie

Love these baskets. They’re great as planters or as a place to store throws, pillows, etc.

5. Fringed basket by H&M

I think I would like this basket a little better without fringe.

But I like the sturdiness of this one…and the fringe is cute too. I just like simple baskets better.

6. Kenya Kiondo baskets by Amsha Studio on Etsy

These woven baskets come in a bunch of different sizes.

7. Hand woven seagrass basket by Amber Interiors

I am in it for the lid on this one. Super cute and comes in a smaller size too. 

Amber Interiors is a great source for lots of other home decor pieces too.

8. Pakurigo basket by Baba Tree on Goodee

I love the sculptural qualities of this one. But also, the fact that those sculptural qualities don’t hinder the practical / useful side of this woven basket.

I really, really would love to have a few of these. Wouldn’t they cool in a built in cabinet?

There woven baskets, sitting on top of a credenza, with toys inside.

If you love baskets, be sure to check out these projects as well…

That’s it for the woven basket stuff today. Did you find any options here that you can use for storage in your home? I hope so!

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Hi Stephanie! The artwork you mentioned is from Fine Little Day. Here’s the link: https://www.finelittleday.com/product/soccer-poster/


Hi! I am loving so many of these baskets and can never have enough personally. Question on where you got the soccer art shown in your first picture? Or whom the artist is. I love it!

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