How to Make DIY Lip Balm with Just Two Ingredients

Make your own DIY lip balm with just 2 ingredients. Click through to find out what you'll need to make your own. #lipgloss #beauty #diy #beautytutorial #pink #makeup #lipbalm #gift #giftidea #holidaygift #mothersday

Yesterday, I shared a whole lot of DIYs for Mother’s Day, but I couldn’t resist popping in with one last quick and easy idea before Sunday hits. This one will only require 2 ingredients to make, so you know it’s totally budget-friendly…

Make your own lip glosses for Mom (and yourself, let’s be real) with this simple tutorial. We’ll be using Kool-Aid for the flavoring and color, so you know these glosses are going to taste delicious on your lips. Yum!

Here’s what you need to make your own lip gloss pots in about 10 minutes…

Easy Beauty DIY // Make your own DIY lip balm with just 2 ingredients. #diy #beautytutorial #pink #makeup #lipbalm #gift #giftidea #holidaygift #mothersday

Ingredients and Materials

  • Kool-Aid powder packets (I used the the small 0.14 ounce packets of cherry, lemonade, and tropical punch to get the colors you see in the photos)
  • petroleum jelly OR this non-petroleum jelly alternative from Amazon (which works just as well, the finished product is just a little bit softer FYI)
  • small pots with a screw lid (I like these from The Container Store)
  • small microwave safe bowl
  • spoon

Quick Note: The number of scoops of petroleum jelly and Kool-Aid will depend on how much lip balm you want to make. A good rule of thumb would be a 1/2 Kool-Aid packet for every 2 heaping spoonfuls of petroleum jelly. That will make a very good amount of lip balm. I made a double batch, to give you an idea of how many it makes.

How to make flavored lip balm with just two ingredients.

How To:

1. Start by adding petroleum jelly to a small microwave safe bowl. Then microwave on high for 30-45 second intervals until melted, stirring in between. You want it to be clear without any clumps. For me, it took five 45 second intervals to get the clumps out completely and looking like what you see in the photo.

 How to make flavored lip balm with just two ingredients.

2. Next, add Kool-Aid powder to the melted jelly slowly while stirring, until you reach the desired color. This will also give the lip balm a tasty flavor.

I found that the tropical punch flavor was the closest to a red-pink. Then I added the lemonade flavor to get it lighter for the really soft pink shades you see. The darkest almost purple / mauve color was using cherry and a little bit of tropical punch together.

How to make flavored lip balm with just two ingredients.

3. Once the Kool-Aid is completely mixed with the melted jelly, scoop it into screw top pots and let them return to a solid state overnight. It doesn’t actually take that long, that’s just how long I ended up waiting. They should be pretty solid after an hour or two, if you’re in a hurry. 

Now, they’re ready to be given as gifts or kept for yourself.

Easy Beauty DIY // Make your own DIY lip balm with just 2 ingredients. #diy #beautytutorial #pink #makeup #lipbalm #gift #giftidea #holidaygift #mothersday #limitedingredient

Make your own DIY lip balm with just 2 ingredients. #diy #beautytutorial #pink #makeup #lipbalm #gift #giftidea #holidaygift #mothersday #gradient #ombre

It’s worth mentioning that this lip balm project is not just limited-ingredient, it’s also super budget conscience. Yay!

A $5 (13 oz) jar of petroleum jelly and $1 worth of Kool-Aid packets (they’re 5 for $1 at my grocery store) will make about 30 jars of lip balm. So for $6, you can make yourself, your mom, and a few friends a year supply of this stuff. Pretty crazy.

Beauty DIY // 2 ingredient lip balm #diy #beautytutorial #pink #makeup #lipbalm #gift #giftidea #holidaygift #mothersday

Beauty DIY // 2 ingredient lip balm #diy #beautytutorial #pink #makeup #lipbalm #gift #giftidea #holidaygift #mothersday

Beauty DIY // 2 ingredient lip balm #diy #beautytutorial #pink #makeup #lipbalm #gift #giftidea #holidaygift

Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

For even more DIY gift ideas for Mom, visit this post: 21 Budget-Friendly Mothers Day DIYs to Try Before Sunday.



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Whoa! I never knew it was that easy! These would be so fun for a little girls birthday party favors too!



Crazy, right? So easy! And this would be perfect for a little girls birthday party too. Good thinking.


Great tutorial! I’ve been wanting to try DIYing lipbalm, and this recipe is simple enough that I think I can do it!


wow they look amazing and yummy! ;P
thanks for the tutorial!

Chacha Natcha

Cool idea! I haven’t thought about making a lip gloss by only using kool aid and petroleum jelly. It’s very easy to make and inexpensive. I will definitely try to make these 🙂


Wow I hope no one I know reads this article (no offense) because this is definitely what people will be getting for birthdays and holidays this year!! This is so easy even I am not scared off by it, and that is really saying something when I’m in an apartment with three kids, two dogs and two “big kids” (aka my husband and I) and work full time! Thank you for the idea!!


Wow! Who knew it was that easy! I need to try this! Thank you 🙂 x


maybe its just me- but I cant get the link to the containers you used to work!

LOVE this idea- totally doing it!


What a cool idea! I love this so much. How cool would it be as a party favor or stocking stuffer in the winter? Or in Easter baskets in spring? This is so fun.

Sydney | Modern Granola

These look so easy and simple! I can’t wait to try this.


omg this is so cute!!! such a cool idea 🙂


LOVE this! Thanks so much for sharing. Can’t wait to try this. xo

Ash & Em

This is genius! My next trip to the store just might involve scoping out the Kool-Aid flavors. ha! I can’t wait to check out the Petroleum Jelly alternative too. 🙂


Hi I love this idea. The only problem is that I am in Australia and have no idea what koolaid is. Would you know of the alternative is for over here?


this is great, thanks. do you think that waxelene can be used instead?


fun! I knew it’s a great idea for Mother’s Day but I think I’ll be doing this craft with my kiddos – I just wonder what flavor they’ll pick haha!


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I really like the concept, but am thinking of using coconut oil and vitamin e instead of petroleum jelly…thoughts?


I am going to try this recipe going to use coconut oil instead. Only problem with using petroleum jelly for me is it is not all natural. Also by adding the coconut oil it is a carrier oil so mixed with lavender it works. Like any product being natural or filled with other stuff there is always a chance you could have a reaction. It may be cheaper but remember you get what u pay.


Hi Jennifer. I’ve actually been meaning to do a natural alternative version of this lip balm for ages, using coconut oil, since this one was so popular. So look out for that in the coming weeks. 🙂


Do you think this will work just as well with coconut oil?


Hi Hannah. Yep, it will. And actually I’m working on a DIY lip gloss with coconut oil for the coming weeks. 🙂


Thanks a bunch for this cool recipe. Any idea how well this would work with paw paw cream, as I really dislike petroleum jelly.
Another thing, we don’t have kool Aid in Australia, would you know of an alternative?
Can’t wait to make this. Thx again 💋


Hi Dianne. I have another lip balm DIY as well, that sounds like it would be a better match for you. There’s no petroleum jelly snd it’s all-natural. Here’s the link: Hope that helps.


I made these tonight. Mi couldn’t find kool aide so I used those packets you mix in water bottles. I made pink lemonade. They turned out great. I found little screw containers at Michael”s on sale for just over $5 for 30 containers.


I love this! It is a great birthday gift for your friends that love makeup! Also is wonderful for party favors.


Am I missing something, I can’t find where it says how much petroleum jelly to add to how much kool-ade.

Mary Rutherford

Hi Mary. It depends on how many pots of lip balm you want to make. I made quite a few, so I did 4 heaping spoonfuls of petroleum jelly and then one packet of Kool-Aid. If you’re not getting the desired color with those proportions though, you can always add more petroleum jelly (or less). Hope that helps.


What a lovely idea! I’ve been meaning to do this and finally took the plunge. Unfortunately I can only make shades of purple. I’ve tried cherry, black cherry, strawberry, and pink lemonade. The lemonade turned a strange neutral color, and all the rest just turned the melted jelly purple. I used regular (off brand) 100% petroleum jelly and name brand kool aid. Any thoughts? Maybe I should use white jelly?


Is it tablespoon or teaspoon? Love the idea.


Hi Paige. The instructions call for 2 heaping spoonfuls of petroleum jelly, so tablespoons would be the closest measurement. 🙂 Hope that helps.

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