Beach Babe: The Coolest Beach Towels for Summer

By Brittni • posted on 07/08/2021

Beach Babe: The Coolest Beach Towels for Summer

While everyone else is full speed ahead on crazy pool floats, I have my eye on another poolside prize…beach towels! Don’t get me wrong, I like pool floats too (I’m not a monster).

BUT if you ask me, beach towels are like the big sister to pool floats – they’ve been around the block a few more times, have life experiences, and are just a little cooler…Plus, they don’t have do the whole ‘try hard’ thing that their loud little sis is into. Not that I’ve thought in depth about this or anything.

Anyway, now that you know my (overly specific) stance on this summer accessory, here are 11 of the coolest beach towels I’ve spotted as of late. Just in time for Fourth of July weekend…

1. (above) Fuzzco + Todd Heim Projects archway beach towel from Pretend Store $175 (yes it’s pricey – but this is my fave towel ever)

Baggu smiley face beach towel

2. Happy towel from Baggu $40

Saturdays Surf NYC open mouth beach towel

3. Saturdays Surf NYC open mouth beach towel from Need Supply $60

Grid pattern beach towel

4. Grid beach towel from Urban Outfitters $19

Rainbow striped beach towel

5. Las Bayadas Mexican beach towel from J. Crew $45

Fuzzco + Todd Heim Projects steps beach towel

6. Fuzzco + Todd Heim Projects steps beach towel $175 from Pretend Store (again – pricey, but I love everything Fuzzco does)

Luca surf stripe beach towel

7. Luca surf stripe beach towel from Urban Outfitters $39

Fog linen chambray beach towel

8. Fog linen chambray towel from Need Supply $52

Printed palm leaves beach towels

9. Printed palm leaves beach towels from Urban Outfitters $20

Hammam beach towel

10. Hammam beach towel from Need Supply $48

Beach Babe: The Coolest Beach Towels for Summer

11. I Am Fun + Vacation beach towels from Bando $38

What is your stance on beach towels vs pool floats? Curious to know your thoughts. Am I the only one that likes them more?!?

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Haha. Totally know what you mean, Hannah. 🙂


What a refreshing post! I love pool floats as much as the next blogger, but if I see one more post about them, I think I might stab the next inflatable swan I see. Too much? Maybe, but you’ve really spoken to me here! Love this round-up, and now I want to buy all the pretty towels.

xx Hannah //


Thanks Cynthia.


Cute picks! We go surfing at the beach often, so beach towels are always a yes.


Nice picks, Michelle. And those are both super affordable too. Yay!


Love the grid beach towel and the one with the palm leaves! Now I definitely want to get to the beach!


Agreed, Emily. Pool floats can be a real pain to transport and they’re really not functional at all. I like them, but they can be a little obnoxious at the same time. 🙂


I’m not sure if I like one more than the other… I definitely think the fad for funky pool floats is fun, but pool floats are such a pain in the butt to transport if you have to travel to swim, and then you had better hope they don’t blow away if you aren’t using them… So if I had to choose, I’d go with the function & utility of a beach towel.


Can’t go wrong with Bando, right Agnese? Good stuff!


Cool selection, I love the towels from Bando so much. Thanks for sharing!

AGNESE || ||

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