13 DIYs to Try Before Easter

By Brittni • posted on 02/13/2024

DIY Easter Roundup //

So…the day after tomorrow is Easter. Which is kind of crazy. I swear EVERY holiday sneaks up on me. BUT the good news is, there are still two days to get some DIYs crammed in for this egg-hunting holiday. And I have rounded up a whole bunch of them for you to make things a little easier…

1. Portrait Artist Easter Eggs DIY

2. Fresh Flower DIY Polka Dot Easter Eggs

3. Handmade Easter Carrot Cupcake Toppers

4. Bejeweled Easter Egg DIY

5. Teeny Tiny DIY Easter Bouquets

6. Thumb Tack Polka Dot Easter Eggs DIY

7. Easy Easter Cake Topper from a Recycled Cereal Box

Easter DIY Roundup // 8-13

8. DIY Bouquet Bombing Surprise

9. Painterly Easter Eggs DIY

10. Graffiti Inspired Easter Egg DIY

11. DIY Sharpie Easter Egg

12. Tiny Easter DIY Baskets

13. Faceted Easter Egg Planters DIY

P.S. Those abstract expressionist portrait Easter eggs (#1 on this roundup) are in the running for Martha Stewart’s Good Egg contest. I’d love for you to vote for me in the best use of color category, if you feel so inclined.

Hope you have a great weekend and a Happy Easter!


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Oh :/ Well at least you know I would’ve voted for you 🙂

MorganRuby x

These are adorable! i love number 4, 6, 8, 9! actually I love all of them!
super creative and cute!

Emilie Neess

[…] *13 Easter DIYs to try if you’re looking for some Easter egg fun today! […]

Sunday Sharing

I searched for inspiration on pinterest and then I found this post here… so perfect and at the right time… Thank you!!

marie t.

Ah! All my favorites in one place. Those painterly eggs are still one of my all time faves, but those sharpie ones from this year aren’t too far behind now! You rock Easter, B! Happy weekend!

Kelly @ Studio DIY

Thanks for trying MorganRuby. It may only be open to US residents.


Love these ideas especially 9 and 12, so cute! 🙂


I tried to vote for you but it said my post code was invalid :/ I put in my correct post code – does it work for voters in the UK?

MorganRuby x

Thumb tacks..so genius!


Great idea…I also have a ton on my board as I am pinning mad at the moment!!


Jessica Rose

Well, thanks Rebekah. 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend.


LOVE idea number 10! Best looking DIY easter egg idea I’ve seen so far.

Rebekah {aCricketSang}
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