5 DIYs to Try This Weekend

DIYs to Try // Soy Candles, Ladder Wardrobe, and More

This weekend, I have no plans whatsoever. Which kind of sounds like the best weekend ever, right?

There’s always a chance I could be getting into some DIYs though…just for fun. And if you’re in the same boat, I have some DIY inspiration for you. Here are 5 DIYs to try this weekend…

1. Create a DIY ladder wardrobe on A Pair and a Spare

2. Make a colorful bag with a blanket on Brit + Co

3. Create easy scented soy candles on Paper & Stitch

4. Whip up watermelon hibiscus lime coolers on Tasty Yummies

5. And mix together your own ocean waves hair mist on For the Makers

Hope you have a great weekend.


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mm watermelon and lime!! wow that sounds really good

Corina nika

Doesn’t that sound delicious, Cornia? I might have to make some of those this weekend.


A watermelon hibiscus lime cooler sounds A-mazing! YUM!


I know, right? Must be refreshing on a hot day.


I love the ladder wardrobe idea, so simple but I think I have way too much stuff for it to look good


Haha. I know what you mean, Lucy. I have way too much stuff for it too. But it looks so good.


That ladder wardrobe is awesome! And that watermelon cooler looks delicious!

Lauren | http://www.livelovelauren.com


Agreed, Lauren! Hope you have a great weekend.


These are all so fun! Thank you.

Christina | Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe

Oh my, I absolutely love the ladder wardrobe!!! May be a project in the near future!

Anna S.

Yeah, LOVE the ladder thing! As Lucy said, it would hardly look as good at home. I used to have a store, it would have looked absolutely adorable there!


That ladder wardrobe would look amazing in a store, Indre.


We must have the same ideas. I’ve been thinking that I need to get back into some DIY!

I think I especially like the Sea Salt Spray idea- something a little bit easy for me to start on to!
Kelsey x


Thanks so much for including my watermelon hibiscus lime coolers! I am kinda obsessed with ALL of these, now I just need more time in my days and I will be set 😉

Beth @ Tasty Yummies

My pleasure, Beth. Those coolers look so delicious! And the photos and styling are gorgeous too.


The watermelon drink sounds very refreshing and will try it!!


Great ideas! 🙂


The Queen of Dreaming
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