Make This: DIY Mirrored Glass Mini Vases

By Brittni • posted on 02/13/2024

Pink Peonies + DIY Mirrored Glass Mini Vases

Yesterday completely got a way from me. Like completely!

I was running around all day trying to find items for a styled shoot (one of my freelance gigs) and then came back, styled it and started taking photos. Almost immediately after I started shooting, a storm rolled in. Which meant that natural light was basically non-existent – it was nearly dark outside.

I took photos anyway. They were horrible, but there wasn’t really anything I could do about it.

After I finished editing all the photos (again, still awful), I took a break and noticed that it was suddenly sunny on that side of the house again. So, I decided to start fresh and reshoot all of the photos. Mission accomplished. The photos were much better the second time around. But when I finished editing and writing that article, it was after midnight.

Which means…I didn’t have time to put together the post I had planned for today because I was working so late on that other project. The crazed life of a DIY blogger. Not complaining though. I swear.

All is not lost, though, because this give me a chance to share some outtakes from a recent DIY that I created for Project Wedding. Bonus! It involves peonies…

DIY Mirrored Glass Mini Vases

Peonies + DIY Mirrored Glass Mini Vases

Concept, photography, and styling by Brittni Mehlhoff

They’re mirrored glass mini vases made out of votive candle holders. And I made the small flower arrangements with peonies (blogland’s favorite flower), tulips, wax flowers, calla lilies, and pink dianthus.

See the tutorial breakdown and more photos on Project Wedding.

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These are so cute, and would work so well on my bookshelf!


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yeah, happens sometimes. However, you finally took amazing shoots.


Thank you, Noor.


They look so pretty.


Aw, thanks Chelsea.


These are so pretty!


Thanks Lauren! It’s hard to go wrong with peonies, right?


So pretty! I love the way they look with those beautiful peonies!

Lauren |


Yep. It definitely happens from time to time. I’m just glad that I was able to reshoot everything when the sun came back out, randomly. Phew!


How lovely. I have the same problem with photography. Sometimes I take amazing pictures other times I have to chuck it and start over.


Yep! Definitely, Christina. 🙂


blogland and instagram’s favorite flower 😉


Thanks Stacia. 🙂


These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks Stephanie. These would be great for a dining room table arrangement.


These are SO cute. I need something like this on my dinning room table.

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